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Lure Fishing for Pike or other predators such as Perch or Zander involves fishing with a lure that is often designed to imitate a prey fish. The lure is cast with a specially designed lure rod and retrieved, often in an erratic manner that mimics a wounded fish that encourages the predator to target the lure. To get started in pike and predator lure fishing the basic requirements are a suitable lure rod, a spinning or baitcasting reel that has been loaded with a strong fishing line and a selection of lures. We would also recommend the use of a wire trace, which is mounted between the line and the lure which will help prevent bite offs, should the fish’s teeth make contact with the line. This category contains our range of Predator Lure Rods, Fixed Spool and Multiplier/Baitcasting fishing reels and rod and reel accessories, all of which have been tried and tested against the largest of predator fish and are more than up to the job. You can also find our kits and packages that offer budget starter lure fishing kits perfect for beginners and top brand predator lure fishing outfits that offer great value for money.

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