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Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Perch Fishing Rods & Reels category, where we offer the most robust and versatile equipment for targeting these predatory freshwater giants. Our carefully selected collection is designed to help you land trophy pike and perch with precision and power.

Our Pike & Perch Fishing Rods & Reels are expertly crafted to meet the demands of pursuing these formidable predators. Whether you're casting for pike in the shallows or targeting perch near structure, our rods and reels offer the sensitivity and strength required for success. Dive into our selection today and equip yourself with the tools that will make your next freshwater adventure unforgettable. Your success starts here at Angling Active!

What is a pike rod?

A pike rod is a type of fishing rod specifically designed for targeting pike, one of the largest freshwater fish. These rods are typically stronger than regular rods, enabling anglers to cast larger lures and handle the powerful strikes and runs of large pike.

What is a predatory fish - UK species?

In the UK, predatory fish are species that actively hunt and feed on other fish or aquatic creatures. Some common predatory fish in the UK include pike, perch and zander.

What is a predator lure rod?

A predator lure rod is a fishing rod specifically designed for casting lures to target predatory fish. These rods typically have a fast or extra-fast action, allowing for longer and more accurate casts with artificial lures. They also possess the strength to handle the aggressive takes from predators.

What is a pike deadbaiting rod?

A pike deadbaiting rod is a rod designed specifically for the technique of deadbaiting, where dead fish (like mackerel, smelt or roach) are used as bait to target pike. These rods are generally strong, sensitive and handle the power of a hooked pike.

What is a fixed spool reel?

A fixed spool reel, commonly known as a spinning reel is a type of fishing reel where the spool remains stationary. The line is retrieved by wrapping around the stationary spool as the handle is turned. It is commonly used for lighter line applications and is popular among beginner and intermediate anglers due to its ease of use.

What is a baitcaster reel?

A baitcaster reel, also known as a multiplier reel in the UK, is a type of fishing reel where the spool rotates as the line is retrieved. They are often used for heavier line applications and require a bit more skill to use effectively due to the potential for line tangling, commonly known as a "bird's nest". Baitcaster reels are popular among experienced anglers targeting larger fish, and they offer greater accuracy and control when casting.

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