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Pike Fly Fishing Outfits & Kits

Pike / predator fly fishing outfits and kits allow you to pick up and start one of the most enjoyable methods for targeting freshwater predators such as pike and perch. Targeting predatory species on the fly is a great way to change up your fly fishing experience, whether you're fishing with small or large flies you can be sure you’re in for a great fight. Each kit comes with everything you need to start targeting freshwater predators using the fly including hand selected reels, rods and lines that perfectly compliment this style of fishing. When targeting pike on the fly it is strongly recommended that you use a wire trace as their sharp teeth can easily bite through monofilament or fluorocarbon. This style of fishing allows you to use flies anywhere from 2-10inches giving you a great range of sizes to try if fish aren’t biting. Most kits will be between a WF8 and WF10 as this is generally the rod strength required to handle these hard fighting fish.
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Airflo Fly Fishing Kit 2 - Angling Active
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Greys K4ST X Combos - Fly Fishing Rods Outfits Kits
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Vision Pike Fly Outfit - Predator Fly Fishing Combos Kits
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What do I need for a pike fly setup?

To set up for pike fly fishing, you'll need several essential components and accessories. Here's a basic rundown:

Fly Rod: A 9 foot rod, rated for 8 to 10-weight lines, is typical for pike fishing. It provides the necessary power to cast larger flies and handle big fish.

Fly Reel: A 9/10 sized reel with a sturdy drag system is essential. Pike are strong fighters, so you'll need a reel that can handle their powerful runs.

Fly Line: A floating or intermediate line works well for most situations. Depending on the depth at which you're targeting pike, you might also consider a sinking line.

Leader: Since pike have sharp teeth, a wire trace leader is crucial to prevent bite-offs.

Flies: Pike flies are generally larger than typical freshwater flies. Popular choices include streamers, poppers, and divers. Choose patterns that mimic the local forage fish or other prey.

Accessories: Bring along forceps for hook removal, a landing net to handle the fish and polarised sunglasses to help with spotting fish and reducing glare on the water.

It's also recommended to always carry a basic first-aid kit, as pike's teeth are sharp and can easily cause cuts.