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  1. River Allan Fishing Permits

    River Allan Fishing Permits

    Please note that fishing permits for the River Allan are no longer available to be purchased in-store.

    You must purchase permits online through Fishing Around the Forth.

    For more information and to purchase a permit for the River Allan, you can do so via their website here:

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  2. trout area fishing

    Trout Area Fishing

    At this point, you’re probably asking, what is Trout Area fishing?

    Well, Trout Area originates from Japan and is a finesse lure fishing technique that has started to gain in popularity here in the UK. The method is very similar to Light rock fishing, Bait Finesse Systems and

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  3. Choosing the right fly reel

    8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Fly Reel

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    1. What species will you be fishing for?

    This is one of the first key questions you need to ask yourself. Each fly reel is specially designed for specific fish species in mind. This is highlighted by the profile of the reel and the line capacity of the

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  4. Loch Lomond Fishing Permits

    Loch Lomond Fishing Permits

    From the start of the season, Angling Active are offering Coarse fishing permits for Loch Lomond – In Store Only.

    Ticket Type Season Cost
    Coarse Season Permit 1/1 – 31/12 £75
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  5. pike bite indication

    Pike Fishing - Bite Indication

    Speak to any seasoned pike angler and one of the first things they will say to a newcomer to the sport is the importance of good bite detection. Unlike other coarse species such as carp where self hooking bolt rigs are common place, pike fishing does not have any fool-proof self hooking rigs. Meaning that hooking pike cleanly

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  6. how to tie a pike trace

    How To Make A Pike Wire Trace - Pike Bait Fishing

    If bait fishing for pike is on your fishing bucket list, then learning to make your own wire trace will be part of your pike fishing journey. Making your own wire traces not only saves you money in the long run but it also provides you with confidence knowing that you have tested the components that you have incorporated

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  7. how to tie a wire leader

    How To Make A Pike Fly Fishing Leader

    The most important end of your pike fly fishing setup is undoubtedly the business end. This is the connection between angler and fish. Armed with 700 teeth, it’s important that you find the right tackle to present a fly whilst still avoiding that dreaded break-off.

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  8. fishing fascination

    Fishing - The Fascination, The Obsession

    I’m sure we’ve all been asked numerous times by our friends, family and colleagues, what it is that drives us to such lengths, in a relentless and meticulous search for of nothing more than a mere fish. Indeed they often question more in bewilderment than with honest curiosity. Why on earth would we willingly suffer insomnia,

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  9. roach feeder fishing

    Roach Feeder Fishing

    “I wouldn’t know where to start”. These are the words that often follow a suggestion of fishing on one of Scotland’s big lochs; in particular Loch Lomond. At 24 miles long, 6 miles wide and covering 17,540 acres, Loch Lomond is larger in surface area than all of the lakes in England and Wales combined. It is Scotland’s

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  10. best trout flies

    Best Trout Flies To Use In October

    Hatches of insects begin to slow down during October with only a few smaller buzzer hatches occurring as water temperatures begin to cool. These lower temperatures don’t deter the trout though as water temperatures usually sit between a steady 8-10 degrees, it creates the perfect habitat of activity.

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  11. best trout flies september

    Best Trout Flies To Use In September

    As it comes towards the back end of the trout season, trout are starting to feed up before the colder temperatures start rolling in. During this feeding up process, you can rest assured the trout will be honing in on the abundance of pin fry that becomes present in our lochs.

    In this article, we will be looking at

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  12. Best trout flies for august

    Best Trout Flies To Use In August

    August is an exciting month to target trout, with an abundance of food readily available; rainbow trout are feeding up and are in tip-top fighting condition. The late summer nights can produce some spectacular visual action as trout start feeding heavily on daddy long legs and with the increasing appearance of pin fry later

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