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  1. Popular Wet Fly Patterns and Dressings

    Popular Wet Fly Patterns and Dressings

    Wet flies are fished subsurface, often on a cast of two or three flies, and can be deadly for targeting both brown and rainbow trout, especially when there’s a bit of a wave on the water. Most wet fly patterns aren’t tied to represent any natural food item in particular but their general size, shape and colour could imitate

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  2. best trout flies for March

    Best Trout Flies To Use In March

    Finally, with the brute force of winter finally subsiding, the weather is on the up – fingers crossed!

    There is some great fly fishing to be had in March, and in this article, we will be going through what our 10 go-to flies are for this time of the year in Stillwater.

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  3. best salmon lures

    What are the Best Lures for Salmon?

    There are so many lures, plugs and jerk baits out there at the moment it is hard to decide on which ones to tackle up with for our rivers here in Scotland and the rest of the UK. We thought we’d put a little guide together explaining what we recommend from our experience.

    There are six popular styles of lure that

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  4. salmon flies

    Best Salmon Flies

    In this article, we will be covering some of the best salmon flies to use throughout the season. By breaking down the season into 3 segments, we discuss what flies you should have in your box and how to fish them effectively.

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  5. Early season trout flies

    Early Season Trout Flies

    The anticipation for the start of the trout season is unbearable for most of us. In most instances, a lot of us have had to endure the 4 months of no fishing due to the closed season. Those lucky enough to have yearly stillwaters may have had the opportunity to wet a line through the winter and to land some nice trout along

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  6. top 5 trout baits

    Top 5 Baits For Rainbow Trout and How To Fish Them

    When it comes to a trout bait selection for rainbow trout fishing, there is an array of bait options available from colourful artificial power baits to live bait. So what exactly is the best trout fishing bait for rainbow trout? In this article, we will be exploring the top 5 Rainbow trout baits you should be trying this

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  7. Best trout flies February

    Best Trout Flies To Use In February

    Coming into February we are at the latter end of winter. Just like January, February can be a very challenging month. Rainbows are still very lethargic and the feeding windows seem to be narrower on the larger stillwaters so making the most of these opportunities are the key to success.

    In regards to tactics, we

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  8. Salmon fly lines

    Salmon Fly Lines Explained

    Spey lines can be broken down into two categories: integrated lines and head line systems. Integrated lines are one continuous piece of line and are what traditional Spey lines are made up of, the head and running line are constructed into one piece with a seamless join between the two parts.

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  9. spinning for salmon

    Spinning For Salmon - Tackle Guide

    Spinning for salmon is probably the most commonly used salmon fishing method in the UK. Unlike fly fishing, which requires a lot of patience, timing and skill to perfect a well presented fly accurately on the water, spinning is a much easier method to learn. However, don’t let it’s quick learning curve dismiss it’s fish

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  10. River Teith & Forth Fishing Permits 2024

    River Teith & Forth Fishing Permits 2024

    Stirling Council Fisheries Information for 2024

    All permits can be bought online via Fish Forth and all information regarding the permit can be found on their page. Permits for Stirling Fisheries allow you to fish both the Forth and Teith beat – two fisheries for the price of one. You do not need to book

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  11. Bst trout flies to use in january

    Best Trout Flies To Use In January

    January can be a very challenging fishing month; insect life becomes very sparse, underwater vegetation has died back and water temperatures have dropped significantly. These are just some of the main obstacles we have to endure as fly anglers.

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  12. Bestflyrodsfeature

    Best Fly Rods For Under £150 - 2022

    With so many fly fishing rods available on the market, picking the right rod can be overwhelming at times. In this article, we will be going through a list of our best trout fly rods for under £150. All the fly rods in this

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