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  1. simms-fishing-glove-mitt

    The best fishing gloves - your ultimate guide

    Introduction to fishing gloves: A must-have comfort accessory for every angler

    Fishing is an adventure that combines skill, patience and having the right equipment. Among the essential list of gear for any angler enjoying the sport on colder days are fishing gloves. These gloves are not just about comfort; they

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  2. choosing wading boots

    Best Wading Boots - your ultimate feature list & buying guide!

    When you buy new stockingfoot waders, the chances are the next thing on your shopping list is a pair of good wading

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  3. Simms wader aftercare

    SIMMS Fishing Clothing - Aftercare Guide

    Simms products are made from some of the most advanced materials offered today. If you take a little extra care of your products it will greatly extend their useful life. Below is a few tips on how you do so.


    Purchase rubbing alcohol which

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  4. Layering system

    Layering Systems Guide - Fishing Clothing

    Layering your fishing clothing properly will help improve your comfort on the bank, boat or river. It will help reduce perspiration, regulate heat, and improve overall mobility. In this article, we will breakdown

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  5. Choosing The Right Fishing Waders - A Buyer's Guide

    Choosing The Right Fishing Waders - A Buyer's Guide

    Waders are probably one of the most versatile items of fishing clothing you will purchase. Helping you access areas of the water that you could not reach with standard fishing boots, helping you increase casting distance, land fish easier and even keep you dry in the roughest of weather conditions.

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  6. Wader Aftercare

    Wader Aftercare

    Recently invested in some new waders?

    We’d like to offer you some simple tips and advice in order for you to maximise your wader’s lifespan ensuring you get the best out of them for seasons to come.

    Upon receiving your parcel, open it carefully. A knife can pierce through the packaging and into the waders,

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  7. Broken BOA Lace - Redeem Your Free Guarantee

    Broken BOA Lace - Redeem Your Free Guarantee

    Replacing shoe laces in performance/sporting footwear all over the globe, the BOA laces system is a success story. Designed by a skier in his shed unhappy with uneven pressure from his skiing boots, the BOA system evenly distributes pressure around your foot for comfort and a better fit. As a result this decreases stress

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