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  1. Loch Venachar Fishing Permits

    Loch Venachar Fishing Permits


    Permits are now available at Angling Active for the season.

    Angler Day Pre Booked Day Bank Season
    Adult £12 £15 £75
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  2. best spinning reels

    Best Spinning Reels - Buyers Guide (updated)

    Looking to find out about the best spinning reels? All these options have been chosen by our team based on their

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  3. top spinning rods 2019

    Best Spinning Rods Of 2022

    In this article, we will be giving you the low down on the best spinning rods available on the market today for under £180. All of these rods have been chosen by our team based on their performance, reliability and their popularity within the angling community – from beginners to the more experienced angler.


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  4. Anglers jaunt

    Anglers Jaunt - Guided Fly Fishing Trips & Holidays in Scotland

    Anglers Jaunt was founded by Stan Moore. Stan started fly fishing from the early age of six on the stillwaters of South-East England. His passion for fly fishing continued to grow once he moved to Scotland. Over the past 25 years, Stan has fished rivers and lochs across Scotland. In recent years Stan enjoys sharing that

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  5. best braided fishing lines

    Best Braided Fishing Line - Updated

    Loved by many, braided fishing line is one of the most innovative tackle developments that the industry has seen in the last 25-30 years – the

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  6. Euro Nymphing Setup Feature Image

    Euro Nymphing Setup - What you need!

    Euro nymphing is a technique that was adopted by fly anglers from Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Poland. Unlike traditional fly casting, this very intimate technique is designed to use the weight of a weighted nymph to propel your fly to a designated target on the river and then fish your flies along the bottom.

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  7. running ledger rig

    Pike Deadbait Rig - Running Ledger Setup

    The most commonly used bait fishing rig for pike is, without a doubt, the running ledger rig. This bait fishing rig is designed to fish a bait on the bottom of a lake or loch bed. The rig itself compromises of a run ring, buffer bead, quick-change link, a lead and a pike

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  8. 7 reasons fishing is good for mental health feature image

    7 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good For Your Mental Health

    Taking to the water with a fishing rod, while enjoying the great outdoors has significant mental health benefits,

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  9. Dropshotting for trout

    The trout lure fishing technique you need to try!

    When it comes trout lure fishing you’ve probably tried all the classic lures like the Abu toby, Mepps, Rapala Original Minnows and even Tasmanian devils!

    You cast them out, count them down and retrieve. An easy and effective lure fishing technique!

    But what if we told you there was another lure fishing technique

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  10. how to fish pike lures

    How To Catch Pike On Lures

    Nothing beats that almighty wall of resistance that you encounter when an actively hunting pike hits your lure! Tail walking, strong lunges and those ominous head shakes that resonate down your line as it tries to throw the hooks!

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  11. Best Spring Trout Flies Feature

    Best Spring Trout Flies & How To Fish Them

    The start of the trout season is upon us! After what seemed to be a never-ending Winter. The 15th March will see the doors open to a new and exciting trout fishing year. With air and water temperatures rising. Spring is certainly on its way! Waterways around the UK are starting to fill with life once again and that only

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  12. inline single hooks

    Replacing Treble Hooks With Single Hooks

    As anglers look for a more conservative approach to eliminate and reduce fish handling and damage whilst lure fishing for various salmonid species. Replacing treble hooks with inline single hooks is a growing trend that we are seeing across the lure fishing fraternity.

    In this article, we will look at the advantages

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