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Game Fishing Guides

  1. simms-travel-luggage

    Best fishing bags for fly fishing

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide to bags used by fly anglers the world over. There is a bag for every occasion and you may well need one or all of these on different fly fishing excursions. Read on to find out what each style of bag is

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  2. patagonia-fishing

    Best fly fishing destinations in the world

    Fly fishing enthusiasts can seek out global destinations that offer abundant fish, breathtaking natural beauty, and unique cultural experiences. Here are some of the world’s top destinations for fly fishing, each offering its own unique appeal.

    South Island, New Zealand

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  3. salmon-fly-casting

    What is fly fishing?

    Unlike traditional fishing that relies on the weight or weight of the fishing lure to cast and pull the line from the reel, fly fishing uses a specialised, lightweight ‘fly’ as bait. The weight of the casting line itself is used to flex the

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  4. fly-fishing-llyn-brenig

    What are the UK's best competition fly fishing venues?

    Competition fly fishing in the UK is a vibrant and diverse scene for fiercely competitive and skilled fly fishermen, attracting anglers of advanced skill-level from across the United Kingdom. These competitions often take place in renowned

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  5. airflo-fly-line-coil

    Get to know the best fly line manufacturers in the world

    Overview of Rio Products Fly Lines

    Rio Products, specialising in fly lines, is a prominent name in the world of fly fishing. Known for their innovative designs and high-quality materials, Rio has established

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  6. silk-fly-line

    The Evolution of Fly Line Materials: From Silk to Modern Synthetics

    For those passionate about fly fishing, understanding the evolution of fly lines materials is not just a nod to history, but a way to appreciate the advancements that have shaped modern fly fishing. Fly lines

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  7. best trout lures

    Best Spinning Lures for Trout? - 2024

    If there was just one style of lure for Trout spinning, it would be a lot easier for us all “the anglers” to shop for. In the UK especially, we seem to have a huge selection of lures in many different styles that spin, wobble, sink, float and even hum through the water. Additionally, there are

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  8. fly line fishing

    Best Fly Line Buying Guide

    There’s 3 main components that make up a fly fishing outfit – a rod, reel and fly line. In our opinion the fly line is the main consideration after the rod, matching the correct fly line to your rod will make

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  9. fly line sink rate guide

    Fly Line Sink Rate Guide (includes table)

    Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the correct fly line density.

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  10. Vision Stillmaniac Reel - changing drag direction

    Are Fly Fishing Reel Drags Reversible? (examples below)

    Yes, many modern fly fishing reels are designed to be ambidextrous with reversible drag systems. This means that you can change the drag direction to accommodate either left-hand or right-hand retrieve, depending on your preference.

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  11. Fly rod with half-wells cork handle and wodden reel seat

    Choosing A Trout Fly Rod - The Ultimate Guide

    When it comes to trout fly fishing, choosing the right rod is crucial for your success and enjoyment on the water. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect trout fly rod that

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  12. Streamer Caught Trout

    Streamer Fishing For Trout

    What is streamer fishing?

    Here in the UK people think of streamer fishing as either a last chance method or a lazy cast out and let the fly swing around in the current style using still water flies – which is very far from the truth! In fact, using streamers is a very technical style of fishing which

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