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Sea Fishing Guides

  1. cod fishing

    7 Cod Fishing Tips To Help You Fish More Efficiently

    DON'T BAIT ABOUT THE BUSH!Fish your baits for 20 -30 minutes max then change them over, this ensures you're putting a fresh bait out regularly. It also allows you to work out where snags and features may be within the mark you are fishing. Fresh baits also ooze loads of natural juices which is an added attractant. Baits
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  2. top 4 cod rigs

    Best 3 Cod Fishing Rigs

    It’s a good idea to arrive at a venue with a rig wallet full of ready-tied terminal rigs to suit any conditions. You will not only have options to suit the species and bait, the required casting range and the weather, but also an instant replacement should you lose one. The beach is the place where you fish – it’s not where

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  3. Sea Fishing Tripods - Your Ultimate Buying Guide

    Sea Fishing Tripods - Your Ultimate Buying Guide

    A Sea Fishing Tripod or beach rest is an an essential piece of kit for any sea angler looking to go bait fishing from the shore. When sea fishing with bait an angler will need to have his beachcaster rod tip elevated

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  4. best braided fishing lines

    Best Braided Fishing Line - Updated

    Loved by many, braided fishing line is one of the most innovative tackle developments that the industry has seen in the last 25-30 years – the

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  5. inline single hooks

    Replacing Treble Hooks With Single Hooks

    As anglers look for a more conservative approach to eliminate and reduce fish handling and damage whilst lure fishing for various salmonid species. Replacing treble hooks with inline single hooks is a growing trend that we are seeing across the lure fishing fraternity.

    In this article, we will look at the advantages

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  6. mackerel fishing

    Best Mackerel Feather Rigs 2024

    The summer months in the UK will see many anglers take to the coastline to target mackerel that will head into our shores. Mackerel being a migratory fish will find their way to UK shores in early to mid-summer as they seek warmer water. They feed actively on prey fish such as sandeel, herring and sprats, and then migrate

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  7. electric motor

    Electric Outboards - Buyer's Guide

    Trolling motors, also known as electric outboard motors, are an essential piece of boating equipment. They give you the ability to refine your boat angle on a drift and also allow you to come into fishing areas with a stealthy approach, reducing unwanted noise and disturbance on the water. In this article, we will be covering

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  8. uni knot

    The Best Shock Leader Knot for Sea Fishing

    There are all sorts of fancy ways to connect your shock leader, but this is our expert’s choice, particularly when on the beach.

    A Google search for angling knots throws up scores of them, ranging from the familiar to the frankly weird. Which one do we need for beach fishing? Strength and reliability top the list.

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  9. fishing for pollock

    Lure Fishing For Pollock

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  10. cod casting

    Fishing For Cod In Rough Conditions

    Discover how to overcome the challenges presented by fishing in rough weather and darkness.

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  11. Cod Fishing Basics - A Buyer's Guide

    Cod Fishing Basics - A Buyer's Guide

    Britain’s favourite sea fish species, the cod, has arrived around our coast, so don’t miss the opportunity to catch your share of the bounty. It’s time to prepare for your assault for cod, but fishing for the nation’s favourite fish is surrounded by myth and fiction, so the degree to which you get caught up in the hype

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  12. Choosing The Right Shockleader

    Choosing The Right Shockleader

    Shore angling can be nothing short of a minefield for budding sea anglers trying to understand the laws and logic of why we must fish with shockleaders. Way back in the 1960s it was simple because the vast majority of sea anglers used 18lb mono straight through without any undue problems. Shockleaders were for tournament

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