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Coarse Fishing Guides

  1. best braided fishing lines

    Best Braided Fishing Line - Updated

    Loved by many, braided fishing line is one of the most innovative tackle developments that the industry has seen in the last 25-30 years – the

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  2. fishing fascination

    Fishing - The Fascination, The Obsession

    I’m sure we’ve all been asked numerous times by our friends, family and colleagues, what it is that drives us to such lengths, in a relentless and meticulous search for of nothing more than a mere fish. Indeed they often question more in bewilderment than with honest curiosity. Why on earth would we willingly suffer insomnia,

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  3. roach feeder fishing

    Roach Feeder Fishing

    “I wouldn’t know where to start”. These are the words that often follow a suggestion of fishing on one of Scotland’s big lochs; in particular Loch Lomond. At 24 miles long, 6 miles wide and covering 17,540 acres, Loch Lomond is larger in surface area than all of the lakes in England and Wales combined. It is Scotland’s

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  4. Hidden Gems

    Hidden Gems

    There is an abundance of renowned fishing locations in Scotland. Locations that are known to hold fish or known for ease of access and in the age of social media, Google earth and online forums it is easy for these locations to become hot spots for the masses to descend upon. We’ve all been there, when you approach your

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  5. feeder fishing tactics

    Feeder Fishing Tactics

    When asked to think of fishing in Scotland, one would be forgiven for automatically picturing scenes of tree-lined rivers with figures dressed in Tweed, beautifully and artistically casting a fly line across a Salmon filled pool. Perhaps a drifting boat occupied by a Ghillie and their client, casting to a rising trout on

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  6. coarse fishing rigs

    Coarse Fishing Rigs For Beginners - Top 3 Rigs

    Scotland’s commercial coarse fishing scene is on the up and with some well established coarse fisheries around the country, these hidden gems hold various coarse species that can be targeted using an array or rigs and tactics. In this article, we will be exploring the tackle you require to target various coarse species

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  7. how to tie a carp pop up rig

    How To Tie A Pop Up Rig

    Quiz any good carp angler and they will tell you that putting a rig with a sharp hook in the area where target fish are swimming is 90 per cent of the carp fishing jigsaw. Add a bait that they’re are interested in, and you’re on to a winner. A lot of rigs are invented to deal with certain scenarios such as thick weed or

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  8. Float ledger rig

    Float Ledger Rig For Tench

    There are times when the sensitivity of a float is desirable, but slight undertow or adverse weather conditions can make holding position impossible with a normally shotted float. This is the ideal situation to deploy a float leger. In this article, we will show you how to tie a float ledger rig for targeting tench.

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  9. maggot feeder fishing

    Maggot Feeder Rig

    The maggot feeder is one of the most versatile and cost-effective feeder rigs available, it can be used to target various freshwater fish species throughout the UK and is one of the most commonly used ledgering tactics for wild brown trout in Scotland.

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  10. Cage feeder rig for bream

    Cage Feeder Rig

    Try this clever presentation to catch fish up in the water out of waggler range

    During summer fish will often be stationed well up in the water, especially on deeper lakes where they will find a depth where the light levels and temperature suit them. At short range this situation is ideal for fishing a waggler rig

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  11. How to tie a bolt rig

    How To Tie A Carp Bolt Rig

    The brainchild of specimen carp hunters, the safe bolt rig has found its place with match and pleasure anglers targeting species such as tench and bream on stillwaters.

    Semi-fixed bolt rigs have become common in modern angling techniques, not just for those targeting carp, but for anglers chasing many other species

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  12. zig feature image

    How To Tie A Zig Rig

    As the temperatures begin to rise this clever set-up will enable you to change the depth of your hookbait and search the water column for carp.

    Carp can spend much of their time up in the water column, especially in spring when the surface layers are warmed by the strengthening sun. You could fish the margins or

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