What are the UK's best competition fly fishing venues?

Competition fly fishing in the UK is a vibrant and diverse scene for fiercely competitive and skilled fly fishermen, attracting anglers of advanced skill-level from across the United Kingdom. These competitions often take place in renowned fly fishing destinations, featuring events like the Airflo Open Championship and they encompass both individual skill and overall team strategies, providing a platform for anglers to showcase their expertise and achieve silverware or cash prizes.

Rutland Water


Image credit – Rob Edmunds ( Fulling Mill )

Rutland Water is a premier venue for competition fly fishing, known for hosting prestigious events that draw in both national and international anglers. This larger reservoir offers a diverse range of fishing areas, each with unique characteristics that challenge the skills of competitors. The competitions here often involve various fishing techniques and strategies, focusing on trout, and are renowned for their emphasis on adaptability as the conditions can change from day to day. These events are characterised by their rigorous standards and the variety of fly fishing techniques employed, from lure pulling, nymphing to dry fly fishing. Participants are often challenged by the diverse conditions on offer in the vast expanse of water.

Venue size: 3000-4000 acres


Grafham Water


Grafham Water is known for its high-quality silver rainbow trout and presents a more challenging environment for bank anglers compared to other venues. The fish in Grafham Water often reside in deeper waters, which can make them more difficult to catch from the shore. This aspect, coupled with a diet rich in Daphnia, contributes to the rapid growth and excellent condition of the fish, making Grafham Water an attractive destination for competitive fly fishing

Venue size: 1500 acres


Image credit – Mid Northants fly-fishing club

Lake of Menteith


The Lake of Menteith in Scotland is a prestigious venue for fly fishing competitions, including the notable Scottish Open Fly Fishing Championship. The competition attracts skilled anglers representing various clubs, and it’s known for its challenging fishing conditions and high-quality fish. The event is characterised by its emphasis on catch and release, following the Scottish Club Championship Rules and offers significant prizes for the top anglers.

Venue size: 620 acres


Llyn Brenig


Image credit – Visit Conwy

Llyn Brenig in Wales is a well-known destination for competitive fly fishing, hosting various prestigious events throughout the fishing season. The reservoir, set amidst scenic Welsh countryside, is renowned for its high-quality trout fishing and challenging conditions that test the skills of anglers. Competitions at Llyn Brenig often attract a mix of local and national anglers, and are known for their well-organized format, which includes both individual and team events. These competitions not only highlight angling proficiency but also promote the sport of fly fishing.

Venue size: 920 acres



Draycote Water in Warwickshire is a popular 640-acre venue for fly fishing competitions, hosting a range of events for various angling clubs and associations. The reservoir can accommodate a large number of anglers with 32 boats available, expandable to 50 if needed, and sufficient bank space for over 100 bank anglers. It is well-suited for fully catch-and-release competitions, with measuring tubes provided for this purpose.

Venue size: 630 acres