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The fly line is the length of weighted line that is used to load the fly rod and cast an artificial fly through the air to the fish. The line is tapered or shaped to help transfer the energy of the cast smoothly down to the fly. Fly lines are one of the most important pieces of fishing tackle you can purchase as it not only provides the connection between yourself and your target fish but it also has a huge impact on the whole casting process. Modern fly lines come in a vast range of sizes and tapers to suit every fly fishing situation. Most models are also available in different densities including Floating, Intermediate (which is a very slow sinking line) and Sinking at various rates. Many fly fishers will keep a selection of lines to hand, allowing them to quickly change their line to suit the changing conditions. Choosing the correct trout or salmon fly line can be the deciding factor of a well balanced outfit which is essential for effortless fly casting. In most cases we would suggest buying a fly line that matches the manufacturers recommended rod rating. These recommendations are marked just above the handle of the rod and are usually marked with a hash sign (for example #7 or #4/5). Many older fly rods have two ratings on them, allowing the user to choose between the heavier or lighter line of the two. If in doubt most anglers will find casting with the heavier of the two ratings slightly easier. Choosing the correct line for each situation is easy with a bit of research. As a main dealer for some of the biggest fly line manufacturers in the world we have in house casting instructors who can guide you through your choice of trout fly lines, Salmon fly lines, shooting heads and running lines. Their advice is available either in store, on-line by email or over the telephone.

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  • RIO InTouch Stillwater Floater - Trout Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO Euro Nymph Shorty - Trout Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO Technical Trout - Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO InTouch Technical Trout - Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO Fathom Sinking Lines - Trout Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO Fathom Cleansweep Sinking Lines - Trout Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO Multicolour GSP Backing - Fly Fishing Lines
  • Factory Seconds Budget Trout Fly Fishing Lines

    Factory Seconds Fly Lines

    Regular Price: £7.99

    Special Price £4.97

  • OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads - Shooting Skagit Salmon Fishing Lines
  • Airflo 40+ Forty Plus + Sniper Fly Line - Shooting Head Trout Predator Sea Fishing
  • Airflo Forty Plus Sniper 4 Season Fly Line - Fly Fishing Lines
  • Airflo Forty Plus Extreme Fly Line - Shooting Head Trout Fly Fishing
  • Factory Seconds Shooting Heads - Budget Salmon Fly Fishing Lines

    Factory Seconds Shooting Heads

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £9.99

  • Shakespeare Oracle Switch Salmon Fly Line - Fly Fishing Lines

    Shakespeare Oracle Switch Fly Line

    Regular Price: £60.99

    Special Price £54.99

  • Snowbee Scandinavian Spey Fly Lines - Salmon Fly Fishing

    Snowbee Scandinavian Spey Line

    Regular Price: £59.00

    Special Price £49.99

  • Vision Ace Shooting Head - Salmon Fly Fishing Lines

    Vision Ace Shooting Head

    Regular Price: £59.99

    Special Price £29.97

  • Rio InTouch Scandi Outbound Spey Fly Line - Shooting Head Salmon Fishing
  • Airflo SuperFlo Presentation Taper Fly Line - Trout Fly Fishing Lines

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