Salmon Fishing Sink Tips

Welcome to our Salmon Fishing Sink Tip category, where you'll find a range of sink tips designed specifically to work with Spey, Scandi and Skagit style fly lines when fishing for salmon. These sink tips are essential for effectively turning over and presenting your fly at the desired depth.

Experience improved depth control and presentation, increasing your chances of hooking a salmon! Enjoy the thrill of landing these impressive fish.

Sink Tips For Salmon Fly Fishing - Types Explained

Sinking tips are valuable additions to salmon fly lines, allowing anglers to effectively fish at different depths and target salmon in a variety of water conditions. Let's explore three popular options: polyleaders, VersiLeaders and MOW sink tips.


Polyleaders are versatile sinking leaders made from a flexible polymer coating over a monofilament or nylon core. They come in various sink rates, typically ranging from floating to fast sinking. Polyleaders can be easily attached to the end of a fly line using loop-to-loop connections. They provide a smooth transfer of energy and are particularly useful when changing fishing depths quickly!


VersiLeaders, on the other hand are similar sinking leaders specifically designed by RIO Products. They are made from a high-density tungsten and durable nylon material. VersiLeaders are available in different sink rates, allowing anglers to choose the appropriate density for the fishing situation. They are known for their excellent quality, turnover and are commonly used for presenting flies at specific depths or in faster currents.

MOW Sink Tips

MOW sink tips are a specialised system of sinking tips developed by Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell and Ed Ward. The acronym "MOW" stands for "Mike O'Donnell & Ward," representing the collaboration between the three anglers. MOW sink tips consist of various lengths and sink rates, offering anglers precise control over fly depth and speed. These tips are typically used with skagit lines looped to both ends, providing versatility in fishing different water conditions.

One of the advantages of using sink tips like polyleaders, VersiLeaders or MOW sink tips is the ability to adjust your fly depth according to the fishing conditions. Whether targeting salmon in deep pools, fast currents or near the bottom, these sink tips allow anglers to effectively get their flies in the take zone.

When selecting a sink tip, anglers should consider the sink rate, density and length that best suits the fishing conditions. Faster sink rates are preferred for deeper or faster water, while slower sink rates are suitable for shallower or slower-moving water. Additionally, longer sink tips are beneficial for covering a broader area and maintaining fly depth throughout the swing.

In summary, sink tips such as polyleaders, VersiLeaders and MOW sink tips are valuable tools for salmon fly fishing. They allow anglers to adjust the depth and presentation of their flies, improving their chances of enticing salmon strikes in various water conditions. By incorporating these versatile sink tips into their arsenal, anglers can enhance their ability to effectively target salmon at different depths and maximise their fishing success.

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