Fly Line Backing

Fly line backing is loaded onto a fly reel before the fly line is wound on. The backing helps to fill the fly reel to the correct level before the line is wound on and, as the backing is much thinner than the fly line, a lot of backing can be added to the end of the fly line. This gives the angler more line when a big fish is hooked and goes on a powerful run taking all the fly line from the reel.
Backing line should be heavier than the tippet breaking strain being used, with 20lb or 30lb being the most commonly used backing. Gel spun backing is thinner than traditional braided or dacron backing of the same breaking strain, this allows more backing to be loaded onto the reel – perfect for fishing for strong, powerful fish that go on long runs.

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  1. Airflo Micro Poly Backing
    from £7.49
  2. Airflo Braided Mono Backing
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  3. RIO 2 Tone Gel Spun Backing
    from £79.99
  4. Airflo Gel Spun Backing
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  5. Scierra Dacron Fly Line Backing
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