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Braided loops are used in fly fishing to form the connection between the fly line and the tippet or leader. These simple loops are similar in design to the ancient Chinese finger traps. The interwoven mesh clamps down securely on the fly line, getting tighter the more force is applied. This gives the angler a neat and strong loop for attaching leaders or tippet. Although some modern fly lines are supplied with a factory fitted welded loop, there are many lines which do not so braided loops are considered by many to be an essential product in the fly fishers tool box. The braided loops we sell are available in different sizes to suit both Trout and Salmon fly lines and some brands manufacture both floating and sinking versions to further compliment your fly line. From cheap fly line braided loops through to top end products like the Roman Moser braided loops that are highly respected in both the Trout and Salmon Fly Fishing community you can be sure to find them here.

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  • Roman Moser Minicon Trout Braided Loops
  • Rio InTouch Level T Welding Tubing - Sink Tip Tubes
  • Roman Moser Minicon Salmon Braided Loops
  • Airflo Braided Loops Trout - Fly Fishing
  • Airflo Ultra Braided Loops
  • Cortland Slip On Leader Loops - Braided Loops for Fly Lines
  • Leeda Profil Braided Fluoro Trout Loops
  • Greys Braided Loops - Trout Salmon Fishing
  • Sybai Braided Loops Indicator Connectors - Czech French Fly Fishing
  • Airflo Braided Loops Salmon - Fly Fishing
  • Airflo Braided Loop Sleeves - Plastic Fly Line Tubing
  • Roman Moser Minicon Jumbo Braided Loops
  • Snowbee Micro Loop Connectors - Braided Loops Fishing
  • Rio Braided Loops - Fly Lines Fishing
  • Roman Moser Shooting Head Junction
  • Hardy Braided Loops
  • Rio Anti Twist Spey Swivel - Salmon Fishing

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