Hardy Fly Reels

Widely regarded as the finest fly reel manufacturers in the world - with over 100 years of pedigree! Within our Hardy fly reel shop you'll find specialist Hardy salmon reels, saltwater reels and Hardy trout fly reels - we also offer FAST NEXT DAY DELIVERY!

Hardy salmon reel shop - with a range of sizes to suit salmon fly fishing there is a Hardy fly reel to suit lightweight salmon outfits, including Hardy Salmon switch reels and also larger sizes for double handed salmon outfits. Hardy salmon reels come with larger capacity for longer spey lines and also come in options such as Hardy Salmon reels with disc drags and hardy salmon reels with click check drag.

Hardy heritage fly reels shop - with a history of manufacturing fly reels since 1891, Hardy has a number of contemporary reels in classic designs: The Hardy Perfect, Hardy Cascapedia, Hardy Bougle, Hardy Marquis and other limited edition fly reels. To buy one of these reels is own part of the hardy legacy steeped in tradition with modern manufacturing. Owning a Hardy classic reel is beautiful, but fishing with one is even better!

Hardy saltwater reel shop - synonymous with Saltwater fly fishing, Hardy have a number of reels available for destination saltwater fly fishing. Legendary fly reels have stood the test of time including the Hardy Zane fly reel and Hardy Fortuna fly reel. These modern reels are built to withstand the pressures of extreme heat, saltwater & the ultimate test of hard fighting saltwater species like tarpon, permit and bonefish. In harsh saltwater fly fishing environments, you need a reel that will not let you down and that's exactly what you get with a Hardy saltwater fly reel.

Hardy trout reel shop - we have many options for the the modern trout angler including Hardy cartridge fly reels with budget spare spools, ultra lightweight fly reels, modern disc drag reels and more. Although steeped in heritage Hardy are now at the forefront of modern fly reel designs and technology.

Shop for the classic heritage ranges or modern performance Hardy fly reels today. Our comprehensive range covers every style of reel for the fly fishing traditionalist or advanced modern angler. Oh and keep an eye out for special offers - when we have a Hardy fly reel sale. The best way to be notified on all our best deals including Hardy reel special offers is to subscribe to our mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: "Are Hardy fly reels worth the money?"

When it comes to reels and how they're manufactured, Hardy is the best and has been since 1872. The difference between a budget fly reel and a premium reel like hardy is build quality and materials. Purchasing a Hardy fly reel is a lifetime purchase in that you are buying a product that can be used for your whole life due to superior engineering. It can also be said that some original Hardy reels are still going strong today and that speaks for itself. A budget reel, could let you down at a critical moment and definitely won't last year after year of regular use. If you want quality and performance then look at a Hardy reel purchase as an investment not just a through away product and enjoy the value it brings.

Question 2: "Are Hardy reels made in England?"

Yes and no to this question - many of the Hardy heritage classic reel ranges are still made in Alnwick England. However, many if not all of the modern performance reels are not made in England. Should this put you off buying one? Definitely not; Hardy reels are of the highest quality and only holding or fishing with one will testament to that.

Question 3: "What is the difference between Hardy; Heritage, Modern Performance and Saltwater reels?"

  • Hardy Heritage Fly Reels Explained: Steeped in tradition and history means Hardy have some timeless reel ranges and continue to manufacture these beautiful traditional fly reels today passing on the years of manufacturing craftsmanship and classic engineering successes down to this and future fly fishing generations. To own a Hardy Heritage Fly Reel is to own something of beauty that can be held in your family forever - now that's something to think about!
  • Hardy Modern Performance Fly Reels Explained: With one foot in 1872 and the other in ultra modern high performance fly reel design - the Hardy brand has it all! You'll find lightweight advanced disc drags and gorgeous state of the art designs within this range from Hardy.
  • Hardy Saltwater Fly Reels Explained: As it states, these reels are specifically designed to be used in saltwater - often used for fly fishing in the tropics!

Didn't find the Hardy product you're looking for? View our full range of hardy fishing tackle here!

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