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Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel

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Description / Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel

The Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel, a beloved classic, has captivated anglers since its inception in 1987. Crafted with precision in Alnwick, England, the new Hardy Sovereign reels continue to meet the same exacting standards as their forebears, featuring a robust drag system and an array of performance-enhancing innovations.

Handcrafted in Alnwick, England, this reel carries with it a legacy of precision and expertise that spans over a century. Each reel is meticulously crafted, ensuring the highest level of quality. The master craftsmen bring a wealth of experience to their work, and this attention to detail is what sets the Sovereign Fly Reel apart.

Constructed from a high grade bar stock aluminium which ensures that the reel is both lightweight and robust. This super strong and durable material also provides an incredibly professional finish to these fly reels. The deep anodised finish on the Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel is a testament to both its aesthetic appeal and durability. This process involves immersing the reel in an electrolytic solution, creating a protective layer that's not only visually striking but also incredibly resilient. The deep anodised finish not only provides an elegant and eye-catching look to the reel but also adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear and tear.

The self-lubricating, sealed disc drag system feature ensures that your fishing experience remains smooth and hassle-free, even in the harshest conditions. The sealed disc drag system is designed to keep dirt, water, and debris out, preventing any interference with the reel's performance. The self-lubricating aspect means that you can fish without the constant need for manual maintenance. This system delivers consistent and reliable drag pressure, crucial for when trying to tame long powerful runs.

Featuring a click or silent mechanism button offers anglers a unique level of control and customisation in their fishing experience. This innovative feature allows you to switch between two different settings: one with a traditional "click" sound during both line payout and retrieval, and the other in "silent" mode where only the outgoing line makes a subtle sound.

The Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel incorporates a fast and user-friendly left or right-hand selector lever that doesn't require any tools for adjustment. Whether you're a left-handed or right-handed angler, changing the reel's orientation to suit your preference is a breeze.

Each reel is supplied with a Hardy neoprene reel pouch that protects your fly reel when transporting or when storing.

The Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel is available in a range of colours and sizes for you to choose from in our drop down menus.

Key features:
The Hardy Sovereign Fly Reel: A classic since 1987.
Crafted in Alnwick, England, with over a century of precision.
High-grade bar stock aluminium construction for lightweight durability.
Deep anodised finish for aesthetic appeal and corrosion resistance.
Self-lubricating sealed disc drag system for hassle-free performance.
Click or silent mechanism button for a customisable fishing experience.
Left or right-hand selector lever for easy adjustment.
Includes a Hardy neoprene reel pouch for protection.
Available in various colours and sizes.

Size Chart

Reel Size Capacity Diameter Weight
5/6 WF6+45m 76mm 150g
7/8 WF8+70m 82mm 158g
8/9 WF9+125m 88mm 224g
9/10 WF10+165m 95mm 238g

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