Best Pike Lures 2024 - your ultimate guide!

Best Pike Lures 2024 - your ultimate guide!

With the constant influx of new pike fishing lures, it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. In this article, we will be giving you an insight into the hottest pike lures and what has made them so successful.

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rapala x-rap peto

The Rapala X Rap Peto needs no introduction, a lure that has proven its worth in the last few years.  The recently released 14cm model is the perfect snack sized chunk. With the new model coming in at just under 40g. This little lure is the perfect size to fish off of those light to medium lure outfits.

The X Rap Peto is a stunning hybrid lure that offers the durability of a hard bait and the suppleness and action of a soft plastic bait. With its slow sink rate and perfectly horizontal fall, the Peto is the ideal choice for challenging conditions. The tail kicks with a wide action when retrieved and can be worked at the slowest of retrieval speeds.  A must-have for any serious lure angler.

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The Shad Teez has become a modern-day classic in the last few years. The thin body and wide belly profile provides you with a lure that is light enough to cast all day while maintaining a large underwater profile thanks to its tantalising body roll and deep belly profile that kicks into action as soon as the oversized paddle tail starts moving. The Shad Teez can be worked shallow by integrating a shallow screw and stinger set up or alternatively can be fished deeper with a corkscrew jighead setup or fastach weights.

We highly recommend the 18cm version.

Pike Lure 3



The Strike Pro Miuras Mouse has become one of the hottest must have pike lures! With its unique deer hair sculpin design and soft plastic twin tail design, this makes the Miuras Mouse very versatile hybrid tail bait.

Brought to fame by Strike Pro staff, Pierre Monjarret in the final day of YouTube series PikeFight, Pierre secured victory for CWC by landing a behemoth 30lb plus pike on the Miuras Mouse! Since then the Miuras Mouse has been taming large pike all over Europe and has accounted for a 45lb UK specimen.

So what makes the bait so special? The bait itself moves a lot of water thanks to its flat nose and deer hair mane. This mane pulsates whilst being worked in a jerking of jigging style manner. This in itself creates a large profiled bait that can be easily spotted in clear or murky water conditions.

The soft plastic twin tail provides additional movement and vibration and with the narrower tail design, provide the bait with an exceptional hook up ratio.

The 23cm 95-grams model is our go-to choice.

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A truly classic bait that always makes a comeback appearance year after year. This ABS moulded plastic jerkbait, has all the attributes of a great pike lure. At the end of each jerk/twitch the lure produces a mesmerising body roll which looks like a distressed fish. It darts left to right in a very unpredictable manner and to top it all off, it sports an internal rattle that acts as an extra trigger mechanism. The Buster Jerk is a classic jerkbait that should be part of every lure anglers armoury.

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Pike Lure 5

Rapala X-Rap Otus

Rapala X-Rap Otus Halloween

Musky and Pike anglers have been using soft PVC baits to catch big fish for years. The drawback is a bait may only last one fish or one bite.

Introducing the Rapala X-Rap Otus, a hard body bait with replaceable tails. Each bait comes with two soft tails; meaning if one is damaged or bitten off, it’s easily replaced and allows the lure to keep fishing.

This lure has a moderate sink rate, meaning it can effectively cover deep water by slowing down the retrieve and letting the bait sink or speed up the retrieve and fish it higher in the water.

The Rapala X-Rap Otus is available in a variety of colour options for you to choose from.

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Pike Lure 6


Super shad rap

The Super Shad Rap is probably the most iconic crankbait on the market. Having tamed multiple species worldwide, the balsa constructed Super Shad Rap has never changed since being designed in the early 80’s. This very versatile lure that can be either cast or trolled and has claimed many specimen pike. Including pike of 39lb plus!

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Pike Lure 7


Westin Swim

The Westin Swim, is the easiest to work glide bait on the market! Just simply cast the Westin Swim out and a straight retrieve will have the Swim glide effortlessly from left to right in a lazy fashion. However, if you impart the action from the rod, you can make the Westin Swim glide quickly and sharply. The Westin Swim has a unique deep body profile that provides you with something different in your glide bait artillery.

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