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RIO Elite Integrated Skagit Max Power

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Description / RIO Elite Integrated Skagit Max Power

Unleash the power of the RIO Skagit Max Power lines - your ultimate companion for conquering big flies, heavy sink tips, and shorter Spey rods with ease and finesse!

The powerful front end lets you launch large flies and fast sinking tips like a pro, delivering them right into the strike zone with precision and accuracy!

Say goodbye to tedious setups and embrace the convenience of integrated running lines! Rigging is a breeze with loops on each end, allowing you to spend less time fiddling and more time fishing.

With RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore Plus at the core, you'll experience heightened sensitivity, lightning-fast hook sets, and impeccable control when playing a fish. Every subtle take is detectable, making sure nothing slips past your attention!

The magic of SlickCast coating technology awaits you - bringing unparalleled slickness and durability to the table. Your line glides through the guides with minimal friction, paving the way for longer, more effortless casts.

Embrace the versatility of Skagit Max Power - whether you wield shorter rods or find yourself in tight spaces, these lines are tailored to fit your every need! The loading point is your guide to optimal rod load, making each cast feel like a masterpiece.

And for those moments when time is of the essence, RIO's EasyID line markings help you identify your setup quickly and accurately. The front and back welded loops allow for fast and secure rigging, these loops complete the package of ultimate performance and convenience!

The RIO Elite Integrated Skagit Max Power is available in a range of weights for you to choose from in our drop down menu and comes in a Salmon / Blue / Light Grey colouration.

Key features:
Powerful front end for precise and accurate casting of large flies and fast sinking tips
Integrated running line for easy rigging and less time spent fiddling
Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for heightened sensitivity, fast hook sets, and excellent fish control
SlickCast coating for unparalleled slickness and durability, resulting in longer, effortless casts
Versatile for use with shorter rods and in tight spaces
Loading point for optimal rod load and perfect casting
EasyID line markings for quick and accurate setup identification
Front and back welded loops for fast and secure rigging
Available in various weights and a Salmon/Blue/Light Grey colouration.

Size Chart

Weight Type Head Length Length Head Weight
5 Floating 19ft 100ft 375gr
6 Floating 20ft 100ft 425gr
6/7 Floating 20ft 100ft 475gr
7 Floating 20ft 100ft 525gr

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