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Welcome to our Trout & Salmon Lures & Baits category, your ultimate destination for a diverse selection of lures, spinners, baits, and attractors designed specifically for targeting trout and salmon. Whether you prefer spinning or bait fishing, we have the perfect options to enhance your fishing experience. Our collection features a wide range of lures and spinners, designed to trigger the predatory instincts of trout and salmon, enticing them to strike.

In addition to lures and spinners, we offer a variety of natural and artificial baits and attractors. These baits, such as maggots, worms, dough baits, and Powerbait, are known for their ability to entice trout. They can be used with various fishing techniques, including bait fishing, to increase your chances of success. Whether you're fishing in rivers, lakes, or reservoirs, our diverse selection ensures that you have the right tools to lure in your target species – Shop now!

Overview of baits and lures for trout & salmon

When it comes to trout and salmon fishing, choosing the right lures and bait is crucial for attracting and enticing these fish to strike. There is a wide range of options available, each with its own characteristics and considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Lures for trout and salmon fishing can include spinners, spoons, flying c's and soft plastic baits. Spinners are popular choices that feature a rotating blade to create flash and vibration, imitating small prey fish or attractors. Spoons are metal lures with a curved shape that wobbles and flashes in the water, mimicking injured baitfish. Crankbaits are hard-bodied (Rapala) style lures that imitate the swimming action of fish, often with built-in rattles for added attraction. Soft plastic baits come in various shapes and sizes, such as worms, grubs or minnow imitations, and can be rigged on hooks or used as trailer baits.

When considering lures, it's important to take into account the fishing conditions and the behaviour of trout and salmon. Factors such as water clarity, depth, temperature and current should influence your lure selection. Brightly coloured lures with contrasting patterns often work well in stained or murky water, while more natural and subtle colours are suitable for clear water. Consider the preferred forage of the fish in the area you're fishing and try to match the size, shape and colour of your lures accordingly. Additionally, consider the fishing technique you plan to use, such as casting, trolling or jigging and choose lures that are designed for those specific techniques.

Bait options for trout and salmon fishing can include live bait such as worms and maggots, as well as prepared baits like PowerBait or paste. Live bait can be effective for enticing these fish, particularly when presented in a natural and lifelike manner. Worms can be rigged on hooks or used as trailers for lures. Powerbait Salmon eggs are particularly popular for enticing trout to strike. Prepared baits like PowerBait come in various colours and scents, designed to resemble natural food sources and attract fish.

When selecting bait, consider the preferences and feeding habits of trout and salmon. Research the local fishing regulations and guidelines to ensure you are using legal baits and following any bait restrictions. Take into account the fishing techniques you plan to use and the conditions you will be fishing in. Some bait options may be more effective in certain situations or seasons. Additionally, consider the presentation and rigging of the bait, ensuring that it looks natural and enticing to the fish. For example, when using worms, nick them onto the hook so they appear lifelike.

It's also important to consider the quality and freshness of live bait. Choose lively and active maggots or worms that are well-preserved and free from signs of deterioration. When using prepared baits, ensure they are stored properly and are not expired. Freshness and quality play a significant role in attracting fish and increasing your chances of success.

Before making a purchase, it's beneficial to research and gather information on specific lures and baits that are popular and effective for trout and salmon fishing. Read reviews, talk to local anglers, or consult with fishing experts to get insights on what has worked well in your fishing location. Experimenting with different lures and baits can also be an effective way to determine what works best for your fishing style and the fish species you are targeting.

By considering the fishing conditions, fish behaviour, preferred forage, and the presentation of lures and bait, you can make an informed decision when selecting lures and bait for trout and salmon fishing. Choosing the right lures and bait that match the fishing conditions and entice the fish to strike will greatly increase your chances of success on the water.

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