Hardy Fly Rods

Known for heritage, performance and the very best finish on a fishing rod you will find. Hardy rods are widely regarded the world over as the best manufacturer when it comes to fly fishing.

Offering advanced designs with cutting-edge modern technologies, Hardy fly rods continue to push the fly anglers experience to new levels. Covering everything from small stream rods, saltwater to double handed salmon rods and everything in-between. Hardy has a comprehensive range of rods for every fly fishing discipline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: "Are Hardy fly rods worth it?"

Rods from Hardy are the best available! - performance, materials and finish are as good as you will find by performance rod manufacturers. In terms of should you buy one; then this is a matter of value proposition - if you're looking for a good or best rod then yes, Hardy should be on your shopping list. You will not be disappointed as purchasing a rod from Hardy is going to be a luxurious pleasure as you get what you pay for and Hardy products also come with a fantastic guarantee.

Question 2: "Will I cast further with a Hardy rod?"

There are many variables that affect the distance you can cast including; matching the correct line, casting technique and the recovery (speed) of the rod itself. A Hardy fly rod will not make up for poor technique! However, moderate to advanced casters will find the performance gain offered by Hardy fly rods to noticeable - lightweight blanks that recover quickly allow you create fast tip speed and this will directly increase you casting range. TIP - advanced casting techniques like double hauling, coupled with a quality fly line will also help with casting performance!

Question 3: "What is the difference between a cheap and expensive fly rod?"

It's right to consider the benefits of better quality rods: better materials will last longer, if you're looking for a great tool that lasts the test of time then seeking out prestige rods with high quality components are a must. Everything in terms of materials will be superior; such as higher grade cork, robust line guides and reel seat. Modern performance fly rods including Hardy have also added strength technology to their fly rod carbon blanks. These rods have a massive strength to weight ratio, however the carbon blank is of limited thickness so having the extra strength material included allows you to get the best value from you top-end purchase.

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