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  • Rio Scandi Shooting Head - Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio Scandi VersiTip - Shooting Head Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio InTouch Switch Chucker - New 2016 Salmon Fly Line Fly Fishing
  • Rio Scandi Short VersiTip - Shooting Head Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio Skagit iFlight Spey Line - Salmon Shooting Heads Fly Fishing

    RIO Skagit iFlight

    Regular Price: £54.99

    Special Price £39.97

  • RIO Skagit Max Short Shooting Head - Salmon Shooting Heads Fly Fishing
  • RIO InTouch Scandi 3D - Triple Density Sinking Shooting Head Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio Skagit Max Head - Shooting Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio Scandi Body - Shooting Head Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • RIO InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger Shooting Heads - Salmon Fly Fishing Lines
  • Rio InTouch Scandi Outbound Spey Fly Line - Shooting Head Salmon Fishing
  • Rio InTouch Short Head Spey – New 2016 Salmon Spey Fly Line Fly Fishing
  • Rio Scandi Floating Kit - Shooting Head Multi Tip Salmon Fly Fishing Line
  • Rio InTouch Mid Head Spey - Salmon Fly Fishing Lines
  • Rio InTouch Long Head Spey – New 2016 Salmon Spey Fly Line Fly Fishing
  • RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey Fly Line - Trout Fly Fishing Lines

    RIO InTouch Skagit Trout Spey

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    Special Price £94.97

  • RIO InTouch Switch - Trout Salmon Fly Fishing Lines
  • RIO InTouch Single Handed Spey 3D Fly Line - Fly Fishing Lines
Rio's range of Spey lines includes Skagit, Scandinavian, Traditional, and Switch lines, as well as comprehensive selection of perfectly matched shooting lines and floating/sinking tips - everything to meet the needs of the modern fly fisherman. Each Spey line has been meticulously designed and infinitely tested to ensure that any angler using a RIO Spey line will have the best on-the-water performance possible.

Scandi Shooting Heads - Including AFS Heads
Surely the most versatile and applicable system for our UK Salmon fishing, Scandinavian heads are designed to cast tight loops and make effortless, long distance casts with great presentation and ease. Each head features weight at the back to easily load a rod, and long front tapers for efficient energy transfer and a pure joy of casting.

Rio offers many options in Scandi heads including:
A full floating Rio Scandi Head (and kit).
A Scandi VersiTip Body to which numerous tips can be attached (and VersiTip Kits).
A series of Scandi triple density Sink Tip and Sinking heads.
A series of AFS heads (and kit) including Sinking heads.
An Integrated AFS floating head with running line attached: AFS Outbound.

Each head requires a running/shooting line, and most require tapered leaders or tips to work at their best.

Traditional Spey Lines
Traditional Spey lines usually have much longer heads than the now more popular Scandi and Skagit designs, and require a little more casting skill and experience to handle. The advantage with these longer head Spey lines is that there is less stripping in of the fly after each cast (more fishing time) and it makes anglers better Spey casters with use. However the longer the head length of the line, the better the caster needs to be, the longer the rod length should be and the amount of room required behind the caster to make a cast needs to be greater.

Rio offers three types of traditional Spey lines:
The lines are (in ascending head length) the Short Head Spey, the UniSpey and the PowerSpey.
All Rio Spey lines are designed to cast VersiLeaders / Tapered leaders.

Skagit Shooting Heads
Skagit heads are short, ultra powerful Spey lines with a thick front end that is designed to easily cast large, heavy flies and fast sinking tips.

Rio offers two densities of Skagit head to cover all fishing situations;
a floating and an intermediate based one. The floating head is the most common, while the intermediate based head (iFlight) is ideal for slower swings and deeper presentations - perfect for high water and cold conditions making it very suitable for high, cold water Atlantic Salmon fisheries in the UK and beyond.
Each head requires a running/shooting line and a front tip.

Switch Lines
Rio's Switch series of fly lines is designed for the shorter two handed Spey and Switch rods that have become so popular. These light, versatile two-handed fly rods have opened up the world of Spey casting to numerous trout, steelhead and salmon anglers worldwide.
Rio offers three types of Switch line:
A long head switch Line, the short easy-loading Switch Chucker and the Scandi Short heads. The first two lines are fully integrated with running line attached , so there's no loop to loop connection running through the guides. Scandi Short and VerstiTip requires a separate running/shooting line.

How to select the right Rio Spey Line

Choose the line type

There are three families of Spey lines: Scandinavian, Skagit and Traditional.

Scandinavian: Ideal for most UK Salmon fishing, especially through April - September and beyond with all but the largest flies – suitable for all.
Traditional: Advantages for efficient coverage of bigger rivers with small and medium flies. Suitable for better casters, though not for beginners without guidance.
Skagit: Best for early or late season use with big flies and sinking tips – suitable for all.

Rio Spey Fly Line Type Chart

Choose the right line weight

Spey gets complicated because some lines are measured in grains not line size. Furthermore, the line styles vary so much that a different weight is needed of a Scandi head, compared to a Skagit and Traditional lines may be different again.
Please use the chart below as a guide to the correct weight. For more information please get in touch with us or Visit Rio's website directly.

Line Size Scandi/AFS Grains Scandi/AFS Grams Skagit Grains Skagit Grams Traditional Grains Traditional Grams
#5 300 - 350 19.5 - 22.5 325 - 375 21 - 24 430 28
#6 350 - 425 23 - 27 375 - 450 24 - 29 430 - 470 28 - 31
#7 425 - 475 27 - 31 450 - 525 29 - 34 470 - 550 31 - 36
#8 475 - 525 31 - 34 525 - 600 34 - 39 520 - 640 34 - 41
#9 525 - 575 34 - 37 600 - 675 39 - 44 580 - 740 38 - 48
#10 575 - 625 37 - 41 675 - 725 44 - 47 650 - 850 42 - 55
#11 625 - 675 41 - 44 725 - 775 47 - 50 730 - 850 47 - 55

The wide variation of weights in traditional lines is due in part to the wide variety of head lengths available. For Example in #10 matched lines, the 9/10 Short Head Spey is 48ft, while the 10/11 PowerSpey is 71ft!

An easier way to choose between the double line ratings may be this:
9/10: Choose the upper rating if you’re a good caster routinely using the line fully extended with it’s colour change at the rod tip. Also if your rod is particularly short for it’s rating, say 13’ 9” #10. i.e.choose a #9/10 line for your #10 rod.
10/11:Choose the lower rating if you won’t regularly have the colour

Choose the right head length: Short, Regular or Long?

Shorter Spey and Switch rods require a shorter head length to cast. RIO has made it easy to choose the right line by using the word Short in the product name.

If the rod is 12’ 6” or less, choose a Short line — a Scandi Short, Skagit Max Short or a Scandi Short VersiTip (depending on point 1 above) for example. If the rod is longer than 12’ 6”, don’t go with the “Short” versions.

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