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Hardy Marksman Fly Rod

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Description / Hardy Marksman Fly Rod

Designed and developed in the historic town of Alnwick, England, during Hardy's 150th year, the new flagship rod from Hardy, The Marksman" truly hits the mark to be deemed perfect. This ultra lightweight range of fast action fly rods are the perfect option for the fly fishing enthusiast.

Incorporating Sintrix FLT, which has been applied to an updated mandrel design, producing a significant advancement in fly rod technology. Sintrix FLT is a proprietary material developed by Hardy, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. When integrated into the rod's construction, it results in a lighter and more responsive fly rod.

Sintrix FLT's unique material properties, characterised by high modulus fibres, contribute to a faster response time in the rod. When you make a casting motion or manipulate the line, the rod quickly transmits that energy throughout its length. This rapid response results in more precise and controlled casts. Anglers can feel the rod load and unload efficiently, providing a heightened sense of control over their presentation.

The combination of Sintrix FLT with an updated mandrel design influences the rod's recovery speed. Recovery refers to how quickly the rod returns to its neutral position after flexing during a cast. With this technology, the rod recovers faster and more consistently, allowing for smoother, tighter loops in your casting. This improved recovery contributes to increased line speed, which is crucial for achieving longer and more accurate casts.

The inclusion of ceramic-lined stripper guides with titanium frames is a game-changer for fly anglers. These guides are located on the lower sections of the rod and are responsible for controlling the line as it shoots through during casting. The ceramic lining in these guides is exceptionally smooth, which minimises friction as the line passes through. This results in longer, smoother, and more accurate casts. Titanium frames are incredibly robust and resistant to corrosion meaning they can withstand many trips out in the harshest of conditions. The combination of ceramic lining and titanium frames reduces line wear and tear, ensuring your fly line remains in excellent condition over time.

Intermediate single leg guides are positioned along the length of the fly rod and are crucial for maintaining the line's trajectory and reducing line slap. Titanium is renowned for its lightweight properties, and this is particularly important for guides located along the rod's length. Lighter guides contribute to a more balanced rod and reduce overall weight, enhancing casting comfort. Titanium recoil guides are known for their flexibility and ability to spring back into shape if bent or deformed. This means they can withstand accidental impacts, bending, or rough handling without permanent damage. The smooth titanium surface of these guides ensures minimal line friction, enabling the line to flow freely. This results in better line control, less line slap, and improved casting accuracy.

Featuring a AAAA cork, the highest quality cork available, providing fly anglers with an exceptional combination of grip, comfort, and durability. Its fine-grain texture ensures a secure and comfortable hold, reducing hand fatigue during casting and fights with fish. This premium cork handle not only enhances the rod's aesthetics but also promises longevity, ensuring you will be using this rod for many years to come.

The Hardy Marksman Fly Rod boasts a light-weight and secure custom-designed reel seat, which is a key feature contributing to its exceptional performance. The light-weight design helps reduce overall rod weight, making it easier for anglers to cast all day without experiencing fatigue. This is especially beneficial for long fishing sessions.

Additionally, the secure custom-designed reel seat ensures that your reel stays firmly in place, minimising the risk of it coming loose during a powerful cast or when playing a fish. This stability is crucial for maintaining control and accuracy in your casting and retrieving. It also enhances sensitivity, allowing you to feel even the subtlest of takes, which can make all the difference on those challenging days.

Supplied with aluminium section stoppers which protect the ferrules of your rod when being stored and also prevent any unwanted dirt or water from entering the rods blank which may damage the rod.

The inclusion of a Hardy aluminium rod tube with the Hardy Marksman Fly Rod offers exceptional protection and portability. This durable tube shields the rod from impacts, moisture, and dirt, ensuring your investment remains safe. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ideal for travel or storage. The rod also come in protective cloth rod bag which prevents your sections from rubbing together during transportation within the rod tube.

The Hardy Marksman Fly Rod is available in a range of lengths and casting weights for you to choose from in our drop down menu is a 4 piece configuration and comes in a Satin Bronze coloured finish.

Key features:
Features Sintrix FLT for a lightweight, responsive rod.
Sintrix FLT enhances casting precision and control.
Medium to fast action
Ceramic-lined stripper guides with titanium frames for smoother, longer casts.
Intermediate single leg guides reduce line slap and weight.
AAAA grade cork handle
Lightweight custom reel seat for stability and reduced fatigue.
Supplied with aluminium section stoppers for ferrule protection.
Includes a Hardy aluminium rod tube and cloth rod bag for portability.
Available in various lengths and casting weights.
Comes in a 4-piece configuration with a Satin Bronze finish.
Designed in Alnwick, England, during Hardy's 150th year.
Updated mandrel design for faster recovery, tighter loops, and increased line speed.

Size Chart

mpn Length AFTM Rating Rod Sections Transport Length Handle Type Rod Weight
1590682 8ft #3 4pc 61cm RHW 62g
1590683 8ft #4 4pc 61cm RHW 64g
1590684 8ft6 #4 4pc 62cm RHW 69g
1590685 8ft6 #5 4pc 62cm RHW 73g
1590686 9ft #4 4pc 69cm RHW 75g
1590687 9ft #5 4pc 69cm RHW 77g
1590688 9ft #6 4pc 69cm RHW 78g
1590689 9ft #7 4pc 70cm FW+EH 87g
1590690 9ft6 #6 4pc 73cm FW+EH 88g
1590691 9ft6 #7 4pc 73cm FW+EH 97g
1590692 9ft6 #8 4pc 73cm FW+EH 96g
1590693 10ft #4 4pc 76cm RHW 79g
1590694 10ft #5 4pc 76cm RHW 83g
1590695 10ft #6 4pc 77cm FW+EH 95g
1590696 10ft #7 4pc 77cm FW+EH 97g
1590697 10ft #8 4pc 77cm FW+EH 102g

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Customer Reviews

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Hardy Marksman Fly Rod-10ft-#7
Review by Chris
Great quality fly rod. It is a strong case of you get what you pay for. Very light, responsive and powerful. A pleasant rod to fish with, boat or bank.

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