Beach and Shore Sea Fishing Multiplier Reels

Sea fishing multiplier reels are often used with beach casters or when fishing from rock marks along the shore. They offer smooth casting and are able to cast rigs great distances whilst giving the angler high retrieve speeds, ample drag pressure and line capacity. Some reels feature a level wind which lays the line evenly on the spool without input from the angler but will reduce casting distance. Reels with faster retrieve are ideal for winching tackle up and over rough ground quickly avoiding snags.
Most multiplier reels feature a braking system of some sort, which helps the angler to control the reel when casting and avoid over runs. Centrifugal brakes are common and allow the angler to add brake blocks to the side of the spool which slows its rotation during the cast. Brake blocks require the reel spool to be removed to fit them though so this isn’t practical for anglers to do on the bank, this is where magnetic brakes come into their own. Magnetic braked reels feature a magnet which acts upon the side of the spool to slow it. There’s often a dial adjustment on the outside of the reel which can quickly be adjusted to move the magnet closer to the spool and increase the braking effect. These reels can easily be adjusted on the bank when fishing.

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  1. Penn MAG4
    from £149.99 RRP £184.99 Save £35
  2. Tronixpro Guerilla Mono Mag
    from £69.99 RRP £76.99 Save £7
  3. Penn Fathom II Casting Special
    £209.99 RRP £234.99 Save £25
  4. Daiwa Sealine SLOSH Multiplier
    £109.99 RRP £125.00 Save £15.01
  5. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C-7000
    £124.99 RRP £137.99 Save £13
  6. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur CS Pro Rocket
    £139.99 RRP £149.99 Save £10
  7. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000C Compact
    Special Price £349.99 RRP £369.99 Save £20
  8. Penn Fathom II Star Drag
    from £169.99 RRP £184.99 Save £15
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