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Akios Nitron F-15XP Multiplier Reel

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Description / Akios Nitron F-15XP Multiplier Reel

Introducing the Akios Nitron F-15XP Multiplier Reel, a powerhouse long distance casting reel that has been designed by some of the UK’s top shore casting anglers!

Produced with the highest quality components available these reels offer superior performance compared to other reels on the market. These reels feature an impressive improved Quadro magnetic breaking system and an upgraded drag system allowing you to control casting bigger baits whilst the drag helps you to tame large powerful fish with ease.

The magnetic breaking system can easily be adjusted with the accessible knob and when fully on ensures overrun free casting of larger baits and when fully off the lightweight tournament spool runs freely and smoothly producing outstanding casting distances.

These reels have a powerful precision machined bronze/brass gearing system and a 10x44mm main gear which ensures these reels will be up to any task. The hardened 5mm steel spindle is designed to handle the most extreme amounts of pressure when playing those large hard fighting fish ensuring this reel will never let you down.

Featuring a super fast 6.2:1 retrieve ratio which allows you to pick up line fast perfect when winding in baits and fish from longer distances. The EVA ball handle helps provide you with a more comfortable grip when playing fish and reeling in baits.

The anti-distortion X-frame cage has been designed for more stability when you are fighting large and powerful fish. The high torque winding power of this reel makes it perfect for fighting large powerful fish and will allow you to tame them with ease.

Designed with a lightweight lateral balanced tournament spool which rotates incredibly smoothly and easily allowing for long distance casts to be made with ease whilst ensuring an incredibly tough and strong spool.

Featuring 4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings which provide this reel and incredibly smooth rotation when retrieving and during the cast. The line ratchet clicker system is ideal for identifying takes and bites when fishing baits on the bottom as the clicker sound easily allows you to identify when line is being taken from the reel.

The Nitron F-15XP Multiplier is a true powerhouse of a reel option and is the ideal choice for any enthusiastic shore angler looking to cast incredibly long distances.

The Akios Nitron F-15XP Multiplier Reels are available in one size only and come in an aesthetically pleasing black and blue finish.

Akios Quadro magnetic breaking system
Highly powerful drag system
EVA power ball handle
Superfast 6:2.1 retrieve ratio
Powerful precision machined bronze/brass gearing
Colossal 10x44mm main gear
Supersized 5mm hardened steel spindle
Lightweight lateral balanced tournament spool
Anti-distortion X-frame cage
Infinite anti-reverse system with additional AR pawl
4+1 shielded stainless steel ball bearings
Strong line out ratchet clicker
High torque winding power

Capacity: 340m/0.35mm – 260m/0.40mm
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Bearings: 4+1
Line Recovery: 34.4”
Maximum Drag: 32lb
Weight: 440g

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