Pike Flies

Welcome to Angling Active's Pike Fly Flies category, where the art of fly fishing meets the thrill of landing monstrous pike. Our curated collection of pike fly patterns is designed to provide you with the most effective, lifelike, and irresistible options for your pike fly fishing adventures.

Pike Fly Fishing requires flies that mimic the natural prey of these apex predators. Our pike fly patterns are meticulously crafted to offer you the perfect balance between size, colour and action. These flies are designed to provoke the predatory instincts of pike and trigger aggressive strikes. Explore our range of versatile pike fly patterns, each optimized for different pike fishing techniques and conditions- shop our range now!

What is the best fly for pike?

The best fly for pike often varies based on local conditions, the specific pike's diet and personal preferences. However, many anglers find success with large streamer patterns that imitate baitfish, such as the roach or perch patterns.

What are the best patterns of pike fly?

The best patterns for pike flies generally mimic the natural prey of pike. Some popular patterns include the bunny leech, whistler pike fly and the perch imitation. Bright colors like red, white and chartreuse can be effective, especially in murky waters.

Are some pike flies easier to cast than others?

Yes, some pike flies are easier to cast than others. Lighter and more aerodynamic flies are generally easier to cast. Bulky or very large flies can be more challenging, requiring a heavier line and sometimes even a two-handed casting technique. Synthetic materials are less likely to retain water and therefore be lighter, where as rabbit fur can become waterlogged retaining a lot of weight.

What are pike tube flies and how do I rig them?

Pike tube flies are a type of fly designed to slide up the line away from the fish's mouth once the fish is hooked, which can help reduce damage to the fly and make unhooking the fish easier. To rig them, slide your leader through the tube and then attach your hook. When a pike strikes, the tube slides up the line and the fish gets hooked on the separate hook, not directly to the fly.

Do I need specialist pike fly gear to cast heavy pike flies?

Yes, casting heavy pike flies often requires specialised gear. Due to the size and weight of many pike flies, a heavier weight fly rod and line are typically recommended. An 8-10 weight rod is common for pike fishing. Additionally, a sturdy reel with a good drag system is beneficial when fighting these powerful fish.

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