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Allcock Wondertool - Unhooking Tool - Unhooking Gadget
Rapala Curved Fisherman's Pliers - Fishing Tool Gadget
Berkley Fusion 19 Leader Kit Steel - Predator Leader Making Tool Set
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Dennett Braid Scissors - Fishing Line Cutting Tool
Savage Gear MP Pro Lure Pliers - Angling Active
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Rapala EZ Stow Braid Line Scissor - Game Coarse Sea Predator Essential Tool
Rapala Pliers Accessory Combo - Combo Gift Idea Tools
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Rapala Mini Pliers - Mini Compact Fishing Tool
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Rapala Mini Needle Nose Pliers - Tool Gadget Essential
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Rapala Pliers / Scissors Combo - Fishing Essential Tool Set
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Rapala Fishing Clipper - Tool Gadget Accessory
Rapala Long Reach Pliers - Fishing Essential Tool
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Rapala RCD Hook Remover - Essential Hook Removing Tool Gadget Foreceps
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Rapala Anglers Hook Remover - Hook Removal Tool
Rapala Super Line Scissors - Fishing Tools
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Rapala Clipper Combo - Fishing Tools
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Reuben Heaton Standard Angling Flag Scale Scotland - Angling Active
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Reuben Heaton Weigh Bar - Angling Active
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PikePro Deadbait Punch & Foam
Fox Edges Crimp Pliers - Angling Active
Inova Bait Scissors - Angling Active
Rapala RCD Magnetic Spring Split Ring Pliers - Angling Active
Special Price £24.99 RRP £26.25
Rapala Stainless Steel Plier – Angling Active
from £19.99 RRP £20.99
Rapala Fishing Forceps - Angling Active
from £19.99 RRP £20.99

What is the best tool for unhooking pike?

The best tool for unhooking pike largely depends on the angler's preference and the hook's position in the fish's mouth. Typically, long-nose pliers, specialist disgorgers or forceps are recommended due to pike's toothy jaws.

Are bent or straight nose forceps better?

Both bent and straight nose forceps have their merits. Bent nose forceps can make it easier to reach certain hook placements, especially in the back of the mouth, while straight nose forceps offer a direct and stable grip. It's advisable to carry both types to handle different situations.

Are long nose or short nose pliers better for unhooking pike?

Long nose pliers are generally better for unhooking pike because they allow you to reach deeper into the fish's mouth and navigate around its sharp teeth more effectively than short nose pliers.

Should I buy wire cutters for pike fishing?

Yes, having wire cutters on hand can be invaluable for pike fishing. In situations where a hook is challenging to remove, it may be safer for the fish to cut the hook's shank or the wire trace, ensuring minimal harm to the fish during release.

What are pike trace crimping pliers?

Pike trace crimping pliers are specialised tools used to secure crimps on wire traces, which are commonly used for pike fishing. Properly crimped connections ensure the trace remains strong, preventing the fish from breaking free.

What length of plier or forcep will I need for pike fishing?

For pike fishing, it's recommended to use longer pliers or forceps, typically in the range of 8 to 12 inches. The extended length allows for safer unhooking by keeping the angler's fingers away from the pike's teeth and ensuring better leverage for hook removal.