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Turrall offer a full range of specialist fly-tying materials. Their high quality hackles, feathers and synthetic fly tying materials are amongst the finest available on the market. We stock some of their most popular products including Turrall Hen and Cock Hackles, Turrall Oak Turkey Quills and Indian Hen and Cock Necks, which offer fly tiers excellent value for money.

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  • Turrall UV Killer Fritz - Fly Tying Materials
  • Turrall Indian Cock Neck Feathers - Trout Fly Tying
  • Turrall Indian Hen Neck Feathers - Wet Trout Fly Tying
  • Turrall Select Indian Hen Hackles Feathers - Wet Trout Fly Tying
  • Turrall Cock Hackles Feathers - Trout Fly Tying
  • Turrall Fly Rattles
  • Turrall Brass Beads - Fly Tying Heads Materials
  • Turrall Hares Ear
  • Turrall Maraflash
  • Turrall Holographic Flash
  • Turrall Flashabou Dubbing

    Turrall Flashabou Dubbing

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    Special Price £1.80

  • Turrall Oak Turkey Quills Feathers - Trout Fly Tying

    Turrall Oak Turkey Quills


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