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RIO’s range of Spey Shooting lines are some of the best shooting lines available on the market today. The perfect accompaniment for RIO's range of Spey and Skagit Shooting heads. Rio shooting lines, also known as RIO running lines have virtually no stretch and feature technological advances like RIO ConnectCore and Rio super slick XS Technology coating which helps lines float high and shoot far.

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  • RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line - Running Lines Salmon Fly Fishing Lines
  • Rio GripShooter Shooting Line - Fly Fishing Lines
  • Rio Skagit Max Long - Shooting Head Spey Salmon Fly Line Fishing
  • Rio Shooting Lines -  Running Line Powerflex Core Fly Fishing
  • Rio Slick Shooter Shooting Lines - Salmon Running Line
  • RIO InTouch Trout Spey Shooting Head - Trout Fly Fishing Lines

Choosing the right shooting line

There are two main types of shooting lines, thin coated floating shooting lines and hard nylon shooting lines. Hard nylon shooting lines give maximum distance, while coated shooting lines float high and are easier to handle.
It is important to match the right size of shooting line to the size of the head used to ensure the longest possible flight time. The chart below is a good place to start if you want to match a head weight to the right shooting line size. It is only a guideline, and casters can use heavier or lighter shooting lines based on personal preference.

Head Weight ConnectCore Gripshooter Powerflex SlickShooter
200 - 450 grains 0.026" 25lb 0.024" 25lb
450 - 575 grains 0.032" 35lb 0.030" 35lb
575 - 675 grains 0.037" 44lb 0.035" 44lb
675 grains + 0.042" 50lb 0.040" 50lb

Coated Floating Lines


ConnectCore shooting lines have virtually no stretch, allowing anglers to stay perfectly in touch with their fly throughout the swing and feel every slight touch. A thicker diameter handling section prolongs the life of the line and ensures it is very easy to grip the line in cold conditions, while the highly visible front section makes it very easy to see when to stop stripping and make the cast.

Powerflex Shooting Line

Powerflex shooting line is a coated fly line type shooting line, that floats high and has regular stretch of around 30% which is ideal when some elasticity is required

Hard Nylon Lines


GripShooter is a thin, hard nylon shooting line with a unique coated handling section that is very easy to grip. The shooting line gives casters maximum distance, is light enough to hold off the water at range and allows anglers great control of their head and fly far out in the swing. The hard nylon is an oval shape that gives maximum distance and drastically reduces the amount of tangles.


SlickShooter is a thin, hard nylon shooting line that gives long distances and allows the angler to hold a lot of line off the water during the swing. It is the most economical shooting line of all. The hard nylon is an oval shape that gives maximum distance and drastically reduces the amount of tangles.

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