Sea Fishing Rigs & Feathers


Looking for the best, reliable sea rigs for your next fishing trip? Whether you're to catch a specific sea species or a variety of saltwater fish, our best range of sea rigs and feathers are selected to improve your catch rate.

Our collection includes a diverse selection of bait fishing rigs, expertly tied for targeting a range of sea fish species. These rigs are designed to attract and securely hook your desired species, ensuring your bait presentation is optimised for more bites! For those chasing mackerel, we offer a wide selection of mackerel feather rigs; these proven setups are perfect for luring in these fast and agile summer season fish, making them a popular choice among sea anglers.

Additionally, our feather/hokkai rigs are versatile options suitable for various saltwater species. These rigs provide flexibility and effectiveness in enticing fish, ensuring you have the right gear for different angling scenarios. Upgrade your sea fishing rigs today with our high-quality rigs and feathers – Shop now!

What are the best rigs for sea fishing?

Choosing the best rig for sea fishing depends on your target species, location and the conditions on any given day. Here's a closer look at some of the popular rigs:

Beach Fishing Rigs

Often used from the shoreline are designed to present the bait effectively in surf zones. The Pulley Rig is a popular choice for distance casting as it allows the weight and bait to be cast together, reducing drag. The Flapper Rig is another favorite, presenting multiple baited hooks above the seabed to target species feeding close to the shore.

Boat Fishing Rigs

Fishing from a boat provides the opportunity to reach deeper waters and target different species. The Uptide Rig is designed for casting away from the boat and letting the tide take it out. In contrast, the Tope Rig is heavy-duty, designed to handle larger species like tope sharks.

Mackerel Feathers

Mackerel feathers are a string of bright feathers or silvery lures that resemble small fish. They're designed to attract mackerel by mimicking a shoal of small fish. Anglers typically jig these from boats, breakwaters or harbour walls - letting them sink to different depths to locate where the mackerel are feeding.

Sabiki Rigs

Sabiki Rigs are similar to mackerel feathers but are used primarily to catch smaller baitfish. Consisting of multiple small, shiny lures or tinsel on a single line, they're jigged vertically to attract species like herring or sandeels.

Float Fishing Rigs

For anglers who want to suspend their bait at a specific depth, the Float Fishing Rig is ideal. A float keeps the bait off the bottom, allowing it to move naturally with the currents. It's a versatile rig, suitable for both beach and boat fishing and is effective for species like mackerel, wrasse or pollock.

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