Pike / Predator Trolling Planer Boards

We stock a wide range of trolling accessories well suited to trolling for pike and other predators, including planer boards, divers, line counters and more. Line counters are incredibly useful when trolling, they tell you exactly how much line you've let out so you can work out where your lure or bait is and how deep it will be fishing. Bait holders allow the use of deadbaits when trolling, the bait holder head holds your bait securely whilst giving it an enticing action through the water. At times when trolling, getting your lure or bait away from the boat can make the difference between catching and not - this is where planer boards and paravanes come in. Planer boards attach to your line and are designed to move out to the side of the boat when trolling, getting your lure out of the wake of the boat and away from the scare zone. Paravanes and divers work in a similar fashion but dive down, taking your lure deeper to depths it normally couldn't reach.
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