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Discover Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Wire Traces, Wire & Crimps category, your gateway to rugged and reliable terminal tackle for conquering monster predators. Our collection includes ready made wire traces, as well as wire, crimps and all the essential components for crafting the perfect leader setup.

Designed to withstand the sharp teeth of pike and other trophy species, our wire traces offer uncompromised strength and durability. With our selection of crimps and wire, you can create custom traces tailored to your specific fishing conditions. Trust Angling Active to provide you with top-quality Pike & Predator Fishing Wire Traces, Wire & Crimps, allowing you to tame the fiercest freshwater predators!

Do I need a wire trace for pike fishing?

Yes, using a wire trace for pike fishing is essential. Pike have sharp teeth and a strong bite, which can easily cut through regular monofilament or braided line. A wire trace, also known as a leader, provides protection against this, ensuring that you don't lose the fish and that the pike doesn't end up with a lure or hook trapped in its mouth.

What's the difference between a dead bait trace and a lure trace?

Deadbait traces and lure traces are designed with different fishing techniques in mind. A deadbait trace typically has two or more hooks to effectively secure a dead fish used as bait. This ensures a good hook-up ratio when the pike strikes. On the other hand, a lure trace is generally simpler, often featuring a single hook or treble hook, as it's meant to be attached to an artificial lure.

What is better for pike wire trace; titanium, 7 strand wire or 49 strand wire?

Each type of wire has its advantages. Titanium traces are highly resistant to kinks, have good flexibility and offer excellent longevity. The 7-strand wire is more affordable than titanium and provides decent flexibility and strength. The 49-strand wire, being made up of many strands, is the most supple and tends to have a more natural movement in the water, but it can be more prone to kinking than titanium. The best choice often comes down to personal preference, the specific fishing situation and budget considerations.

Why is some trace wire nylon coated?

Nylon-coated trace wire offers added protection against wear and abrasion, which can prolong the lifespan of the trace. The coating also makes the wire smoother, which can reduce the likelihood of the wire damaging itself, other tackle or the fish. Additionally, the nylon coating can provide a more discreet presentation in clear water conditions.

Are shop bought wire traces any good?

Shop-bought wire traces can be of high quality and are convenient for anglers who prefer ready-made solutions. However, as with all fishing tackle, there is a range in quality. It's advisable to purchase traces from reputable brands or sources to ensure reliability and strength. Reading reviews or seeking recommendations from experienced pike anglers can also help guide purchasing decisions.

Should I make my own wire traces?

Making your own wire traces allows for customisation based on your specific needs and preferences. By creating your own traces, you can select the exact materials, length and hook configurations you prefer. It can also be more cost-effective in the long run. However, it requires the right tools and knowledge to ensure the traces are made securely. For those new to pike fishing, starting with shop-bought traces might be more convenient, but as experience grows, many anglers find value in crafting their own.

Using the right wire trace for pike fishing is essential, not only for the angler's success but also for the safety and welfare of the fish. Properly selected and maintained gear contributes to more ethical and productive fishing.

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