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Welcome to Angling Active's Pike & Predator Fishing Terminal Tackle category, your destination for top-quality gear designed to handle the mightiest of freshwater predators. Our selection of terminal tackle essentials is crafted to meet the demands of pike, perch, and other trophy species.

Explore our range, which includes wire traces, hooks, swivels, leaders and more. Whether you're seeking to secure your bait presentation or tackle toothy predators, we have the tools you need. Trust Angling Active to provide you with the finest Pike & Predator Terminal Tackle, built for precision, strength, and durability. Elevate your predator angling game and prepare for thrilling battles with the monsters that call freshwater their home – Shop now!


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PikePro Pro Trace - Angling Active
from £5.99
Westin Wire 1x19 Leader - Angling Active
from £5.25
Westin Titanium Leader - Angling Active
from £6.45
Westin Shallow Rig Double - Angling Active
from £8.99
PikePro Paternoster Uptrace
PikePro 19-Strand Wire
Special Price £12.99 RRP £13.99
PikePro 49-Strand Wire - Angling Active
from £13.99 RRP £15.99
PikePro Single Treble Trace - Angling Active
from £4.49
Jaxon Predator Traces – Angling Active
from £2.50
Fox Rage 49 Strand Double Stingers - Predator Fishing Wire Leaders
from £3.99
Fulling Mill Predator Trace Wire - Predator Fishing Rigs
from £4.25
Scientific Anglers Predator Wire Leader - Predator Fishing Lines
from £13.99
Savage Gear 1x7 Titanium Corkscrew Stingers - Soft Lure Wire Traces
from £8.99 RRP £9.99
Westin Pro Titanium Leader - Predator Wire Traces Fishing Leaders
from £4.99
Dennett Snap Tackle - Pike Wire Traces
from £2.25 RRP £2.50
Owner Pro Wire Rig Snap Tackle - Pike Wire Traces
from £7.50 RRP £7.99
BFT Stainless Jerk Trace - Jerbait Leader Wire Traces
Special Price £6.99 RRP £7.99
Sakuma Rig Crimps - Sea Fishing Rig Components
from £1.99
Pike Pro Twin Treble Trace - Wire Traces Predator Fishing
from £4.99
Fox Rage Heli Rotary Uptrace - Predator Wire Traces
Kamasan Premium Snap Tackle - Wire Traces Hooks
from £3.15
Drennan E-SOX Green Pike Wire
from £7.25
Pike Pro Rigging Wire - Predator Fishing Lines
from £4.49
Pike Pro Pop Up Trace - Predator Fishing Wire Traces
from £5.49

What is terminal tackle?

Terminal tackle refers to the various equipment attached to the end of a fishing line. This includes items such as hooks, sinkers, floats, swivels, leaders, traces and lures. It's the part of the fishing setup that comes in direct contact with the fish and it can be changed and adapted depending on the targeted fish species and the specific fishing technique being used.

What terminal tackle items do I need for pike and perch fishing?

For pike and perch fishing, the following terminal tackle items are commonly used:

Hooks: Single, double or treble hooks, depending on the bait or lure being used.

Wire leaders: Pike have sharp teeth, so using a wire leader helps prevent them from biting through the line.

Floats or bobbers: Useful for presenting live or dead bait at a specific depth.

Swivels: Help prevent line twist, especially when using spinners or other rotating lures.

Sinkers or weights: Help get your bait or lure to the desired depth.

What is pike fishing?

Pike fishing is the act of targeting pike, a predatory freshwater fish known for its aggressive behavior and sharp teeth. Pike can be found in many freshwater habitats, including lochs/lakes, rivers and ponds. Anglers pursue pike using a variety of techniques, including casting lures, trolling and dead baiting, always taking into consideration the pike's powerful strikes and runs during the fight.

What is perch fishing?

Perch fishing refers to the activity of targeting perch, a freshwater fish commonly found in many parts of the world. Perch are known for their distinctive vertical stripes and are often found in schools. They can be caught using a variety of techniques, including jigging, live bait fishing and casting small lures.