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Z-Man NedlockZ EWG

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Description / Z-Man NedlockZ EWG

The Z-Man Nedlocks EWG combines a traditional mushroom-shaped head with a weedless EWG hook. This winning combination allows for easy weedless presentation of the Z-man finesse soft bait range.

The Nedlockz custom, heavy duty #1 VMC extra wide gap hook is sized to optimise the action of the finesse softbait range, with a finer wire gauge hook it eliminates the chances of the hook disrupting the baits buoyancy.

The moulded keeper pins baits in place and prevents them from slipping, even on hard casts and many strikes. An ultra-premium Ned Rig jighead, the NedlockZ EWG features the same weights and colours as the original NedlockZ Jighead.

If you’re looking for all the amazing benefits of the traditional mushrooms jighead but with added weedless properties, the Z-Man Nedlocks EWG is the jighead for you!

Traditional mushroom-shaped head
Allows for easy weedless rigging and easy hooksets for fishing with Ned Rig style softbaits
Built on custom, heavy duty size 1 VMC extra wide gap hook
Hook is sized perfectly to maximize action of small softbaits
Moulded keeper holds baits in place and prevents slipping
4 provided per pack

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