Pike / Predator Bait Fishing Rods

Predator bait fishing rods are designed for casting live or dead fish to target predatory fish such as pike. These bait rods come in a range of lengths from 10ft up to 13ft and different test curves, normally ranging from 2.5lb up to 3lb. A higher test curve means the rod is stronger and will be able to cast bigger baits and greater distances. Deadbait rods are most commonly around a 3lb test curve.
Rods around 12ft to 13ft are commonly used for bank fishing for pike. The length allows baits to be cast greater distances with ease and enable the angler to set the hooks at greater range.
Shorter 10ft rods are commonly referred to as boat rods. Their shorter length is particularly useful for manoeuvring them around in small boats when casting distance isn’t usually a concern.

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  1. Abu Garcia Beast X Deadbait Rods
    from £149.99 RRP £169.99 Save £20
  2. Prologic C-Series AB
    from £47.99 RRP £59.99 Save £12
  3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Rod
    £34.99 RRP £36.99 Save £2
  4. Fox Rage Predator Boat Rod
    £74.97 RRP £74.99 Save £0.02
  5. JRC Contact Rods
    £49.97 RRP £49.99 Save £0.02
  6. Daiwa Powermesh Deadbait
    £120.00 RRP £125.00 Save £5
  7. Daiwa Black Widow Deadbait
    from £54.99 RRP £59.99 Save £5
  8. Daiwa Black Widow G50
    from £54.97 RRP £67.99 Save £13.02
  9. Fox Rage Predator Elite Deadbait Rod
    £154.99 RRP £159.99 Save £5
  10. JRC Extreme TX Rod
    from £84.97 RRP £114.99 Save £30.02
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