Mustad are the largest hook manufacturer in the world, In Norway back in 1877 they invented the worlds first hook making machine, revolutionising the fishing world, and removing the need to hand make every single hook. Nowadays Mustad are still based in Norway but their range has expanded from hooks through to tools, rigs, clothing and accessories. All of Mustads products are built to a high standard yet remain affordable to most anglers. Mustads star product remains their hooks, with a seemingly limitless range available they have hooks for every type of fishing, from recreational through to sport and commercial fishing. Mustad hooks are trusted the world over.

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  1. Mustad Three Hook Flapper Rig
    Special Price £2.99 RRP £3.49 Save £0.50
  2. Mustad Long Range 1 Hook Rig
    Special Price £2.99 RRP £3.49 Save £0.50
  3. Mustad Kaiju Inline Single
    £2.99 RRP £3.25 Save £0.26
  4. Mustad 2 Hook Clipped Up Rig
    Special Price £2.99 RRP £3.49 Save £0.50
  5. Mustad Black Barrel Swivel
    £1.45 RRP £1.65 Save £0.20
  6. Mustad 3 Colour Squid Rig
    £1.99 RRP £2.49 Save £0.50
  7. Mustad Mini Hokkai Rig
    £1.69 RRP £1.99 Save £0.30
  8. Mustad Green Glow Squid Rig
    £1.99 RRP £2.49 Save £0.50
  9. Mustad Fluo Pink Flasher Rig
    £1.49 RRP £1.75 Save £0.26
  10. Mustad Demon Red Circle
    £2.99 RRP £3.25 Save £0.26
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