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Major Craft is a Japanese tackle manufacturer who specialises in creating high quality, innovative tackle. Their range includes lure fishing rods, lures, line and much more. Major Craft rods are high performance lure rods, made to Major Craft's exacting standards using the finest materials and design processes to provide anglers a superior quality rod that performs well in a variety of situations. We offer a range of JDM rods from Major Craft here in the UK, with a rod in the range to suit every style of lure fishing.
The Major Craft Solpara and Days range are perfect for saltwater LRF or lure anglers looking to fish ultralight lures and tackle for perch in freshwater. The Finetail and Troutino rods are suited to trout area fishing or light tackle fishing for trout or perch, with both spinning and casting versions available. The Benkei range offers anglers a great entry level bait finesse system (BFS) rod for fishing lighter lures, a Benkei spinning rod version is also available. The Major Craft Crostage is a slightly heavier lure rod, well suited to saltwater anglers targeting slightly bigger fish off the rocks or freshwater anglers fishing heavier perch tackle or light pike lures. Major Craft Triple Cross and First Cast range of rods are slightly longer than other rods in the range with a heavier casting weight. They are perfect for anglers looking to target bass or larger saltwater species or freshwater anglers looking to fish for salmon, bigger trout or pike.
We also offer Major Craft lures, including their famous Jigpara range of metals and crankbaits from the Zoner and Eden range. Jigpara metal lures have grown in popularity in the UK thanks to their superior quality finish, fittings, action and fish catching ability. Available in a range of sizes, shapes and styles there is a lure in the range to suit every angling style and tempt most species found in the UK. Whether that be ultra light LRF or heavier lures for the likes of pollock or bass. Major Craft's range of crankbaits are perfect for fishing in freshwater when targeting a range of species, including trout, perch or pike.

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