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Based in the US, Hareline Dubbin was founded in 1981 by Bob and Nelda Borden. The company has grown from its roots as a small time manufacturer who dyed materials on a kitchen cooker through to one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world. Hareline Dubbin has a 15,000 square foot facility packed full with thousands of the highest quality fly tying products. With over 20 years experience in preparing fly tying classics like feathers, furs, capes and the newer synthetic materials you can be sure these products are of the highest standard.

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  • Hareline Pearl Core Braid - Synthetic Fly Tying Materials
  • Hareline Web Wing - Fly Tying Wings Materials
  • Hareline McFly Foam - Fly Tying Yarn Materials
  • Hareline Ice Dub
  • Hareline Senyos Intruder Trailer Hook Wire - Fly Tying
  • Hareline Insta Jig Tungsten Heads - Fly Tying Beads
  • Hareline Senyos Fusion Dub - Fly Tying Dubbing Materials
  • Hareline Foam Cylinders
  • Hareline Pearl E-Z Body Tubing - Synthetic Fly Tying Materials
  • Hareline Tungsten Brass Gritty Beads - Fly Tying Materials

    Hareline Gritty Beads

    From: £2.99
  • Hareline Cohen's Fugly Hair Packer - Deer Stacking Fly Tying Tools
  • Hareline Crosscut Rabbit Strips
  • Hareline Dubbin
  • Hareline Sparkle Pseudo Hackle
  • Hareline Senyos Laser Dub - Fly Tying Dubbing Materials
  • Hareline Caster’s Squirmito Squirmy Worms - Fly Tying Body Materials
  • Hareline Ice Wing Fibre
  • Danville 6/0 Flymaster Waxed Thread

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