Pike / Predator Trolling Rod Holders

Rod holders for trolling are fixed to the boat and allow a rod to be held securely when trolling lures or bait, leaving the anglers hands free to control the boat or prepare baits and rigs. Rod holders can be bolted or screwed to the boat for a permanent fixture or some feature a clamp which is tightened onto the side of the boat. Clamp style rod holders can easily be attached and removed which makes them easy to move position and between boats.
Most rod holders are adjustable and allow the angler to change the angle the rod is held at. This is useful for influencing the way a lure or bait fishes, a rod held higher off the water will fish the lure shallower while a lure fished off a rod low to the water will generally fish deeper. Some rod holders feature a quick release function, this allows the rod to be quickly removed from the rod holder when a fish strikes.

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  1. Ron Thompson Boat Rod Holder
    Special Price £8.99 RRP £9.99 Save £1
  2. Savage Gear MP Rod Holder
    Special Price £19.99 RRP £29.99 Save £10
  3. Berkley Quick Set Boat Rod Holder
    Special Price £14.99 RRP £15.89 Save £0.90
  4. Berkley Boat Rod Holder
    Special Price £13.99 RRP £14.89 Save £0.90
  5. Mitchell Rod Holder
    Special Price £4.99 RRP £5.29 Save £0.30
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