Pike Fishing Wire Traces

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Overview of pike traces:

Pike traces are essential tackle components designed to withstand the sharp teeth of pike, ensuring that anglers don't lose their lures or more critically, that the fish doesn't get harmed. They serve as a connection between the mainline and the lure or bait. Made typically of durable and robust wire, pike traces are specifically designed to resist the cutting and abrasion potential of a pike's teeth. They come in various types tailored to the method of pike fishing you're engaging in, whether that's lure fishing or deadbaiting.

What is the best trace for pike?

The best trace for pike typically depends on the fishing method ie lure or bait fishing and the angler's personal preference. However, multi-strand wire or titanium traces are popular choices due to their strength, flexibility, and kink resistance.

What's the difference between a pike lure fishing trace and a pike deadbaiting trace?

A pike lure fishing trace is typically shorter and might have a single hook or a small treble, allowing for a more natural movement of the lure. On the other hand, a pike deadbaiting trace is often longer and incorporates two treble hooks to effectively secure the dead bait and ensure a good hook-up when a pike takes the bait.

Are pre-made pike traces any good?

Yes, pre-made pike traces can be of high quality and are convenient, especially for beginners or those looking for consistency. However, it's essential to purchase them from reputable brands or suppliers to ensure their effectiveness and durability. Some experienced anglers prefer to make their own traces to tailor them to specific conditions or preferences.

What size of trebles should I have on a pike trace?

The size of the trebles on a pike trace should match the size of the bait you're using. Generally, sizes 4 to 8 are common for most situations with larger baits requiring bigger hooks.

What breaking strain are pike traces?

Pike traces typically have a breaking strain ranging from 20lb to 40lb, with the exact strength depending on the type of wire used and the fishing situation. It's essential to choose a trace with a breaking strain that suits the size and power of the pike you're targeting.

Barbed or barbless hooks for pike traces?

Both barbed and barbless hooks have their merits. Barbless hooks are easier and safer to remove from the pike, reducing potential harm to the fish. However, they might have a slightly higher chance of the fish coming unhooked during the fight. Barbed hooks, on the other hand, ensure a more secure hook-up but can cause more damage when removing if not done carefully. The choice often comes down to personal preference!