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Vision XLS Pikemaniac Fly Reel

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Description / Vision XLS Pikemaniac Fly Reel

Prepare to conquer the waters like never before with the all-new Vision XLS Pikemaniac predator fly reel. This reel builds on the renowned Vision XLV Mama reel's legacy and introduces cutting-edge upgrades that redefine your pike fly fishing experience.

At the core of the XLS Pikemaniac lies a brand-new sealed drag system meticulously designed to deliver the smooth, powerful performance demanded by pike and predator anglers. This robust disc brake configuration has been engineered from the ground up, featuring sealing O-rings and SKF grease. With fully adjustable settings, this drag system ensures you have the upper hand even when battling the most formidable toothy predators.

The reel's rock-solid heraldic v-frame construction guarantees unmatched strength and rigidity during intense battles. Whether you're wrestling with a massive pike or other apex predators, you can trust in the strength of the XLS Pikemaniac.

The robust full cage design provides added protection to your line and reel components while maintaining the reel's structural integrity.

The large arbor design is a game-changer, enabling lightning-fast line retrieval. It's precisely engineered to accommodate #9 and #10 lines, making the XLS Pikemaniac the definitive choice for targeting pike and other ferocious predators.

SKF water-resistant bearing grease ensures the reel operates flawlessly even when exposed to the elements, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

The reel is equipped with a comfortable EVA handle, providing a secure grip during those intense battles with hard-fighting predators.

The Vision XLS Pikemaniac Fly Reel is an 8/9 sized reel and comes in a metallic dark olive finish.

Key features:
Sealed drag system designed for smooth, powerful performance.
Fully adjustable settings for battling toothy predators.
Rock-solid heraldic V-frame construction for strength and rigidity.
Robust full cage design protects line and reel components.
Large arbour design for lightning-fast line retrieval.
SKF water-resistant bearing grease for durability in varying conditions.
Comfortable EVA handle for a secure grip.
8/9 sized reel in a metallic dark olive finish.

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