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Float Tubes & Fins

Welcome to our Float Tube category, dedicated to enhancing your fly fishing experience. Float tubes provide a unique and immersive way to navigate the water, allowing you to access hard-to-reach fishing spots. These inflatable craft offer superior manoeuvrability and comfort, keeping you close to the action.

Our range includes top-quality float tubes designed with fly fishing in mind, offering stability and ample storage for your gear. To maximize your mobility, we also provide float tube fins, specially designed to propel you effortlessly through the water. With the combination of a float tube and fins, you'll have the freedom to explore lakes, rivers, and other fly fishing destinations with ease. Browse our selection and embark on unforgettable fly fishing adventures from the comfort of a float tube!

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Waveline Telescopic Micro Paddles - Kayak Life Raft Oar
Special Price £17.99 RRP £26.99
Savage Gear Belly Boat Fins - Float Tube Fishing Flippers Accessories
Special Price £44.99 RRP £59.99
Rapala Deluxe Float Tube Flippers - Fishing Boat Fins
Special Price £39.99 RRP £42.99
Vision Keeper Float Tube Kit - Angling Active
Special Price £249.99 RRP £279.99
Savage Gear E-Rider Kayak - Fishing Boats Outdoors
Special Price £569.99 RRP £669.99
Savage Gear High Rider V2 Belly Boat - Float Tube Fishing
from £384.99 RRP £469.99
Rapala Float Tube Flippers - Outdoor Fishing Flippers
Snowbee Float Tube Kit - Fishing Boats
Special Price £229.99 RRP £289.99
Vision Keeper ISO Float Tube - Fishing Boats
Special Price £299.99 RRP £349.99
Vision Keeper Fins
Special Price £69.99 RRP £79.99
Savage Gear HighRider Kayak 330 - Float Fishing Boat Tube
Special Price £599.99 RRP £799.99
Madcat Belly Boat Fins - Float Tube Fishing Accessories
Special Price £34.97 RRP £49.99

Fishing float tubes, also known as belly boats are specialised floatation devices designed for anglers who want to access hard-to-reach fishing spots on lakes, lochs and slow-moving rivers. These innovative inflatable devices offer numerous features and benefits that enhance your fishing experience and capability.

One of the primary advantages of fishing from float tubes is their ease of transportation. These lightweight and compact watercraft can be deflated and packed into a small backpack, making them convenient for anglers who frequently change fishing locations or enjoy hiking to remote areas. Their inflatable nature also ensures that they can be easily stored and transported without requiring a large vehicle or trailer.

Another key feature of fishing float tubes is their manoeuvrability. With a float tube, anglers can navigate through narrow channels, dense vegetation and shallow waters that are inaccessible to traditional boats. This allows them to reach secluded fishing spots where fish tend to congregate, increasing the chances of a successful catch.

Additionally, fishing float tubes provide a low-profile fishing platform. By sitting close to the water level, anglers can achieve a stealthy approach and minimise their visibility to fish. This is particularly advantageous when targeting species that are easily spooked or inhabit clear, calm waters.

The seating design of fishing float tubes also contributes to their comfort and stability. Most float tubes feature a seat positioned between two pontoons, providing a balanced and secure seating position. This design allows anglers to sit comfortably for extended periods, reducing fatigue and ensuring an enjoyable fishing experience.

Moreover, fishing float tubes offer excellent casting capabilities. Anglers have the freedom to cast in any direction without the restrictions posed by traditional boats or fishing from the shore. This versatility enables them to present their bait or lures precisely where the fish are, increasing the likelihood of attracting a bite.

Another benefit of using fishing float tubes is their affordability compared to larger boats or kayaks. Float tubes are generally more budget-friendly, making them a popular choice for anglers who want to enjoy the benefits of a watercraft without a significant financial investment. This accessibility allows more people to participate in the sport of fishing and explore various fishing environments.

Lastly, fishing float tubes provide a sense of immersion in nature. Sitting just above the water's surface, anglers can fully experience the sights, sounds, and serenity of their surroundings. This closeness to nature adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to the fishing experience and allows anglers to forge a deeper connection with the environment.

In summary, fishing float tubes offer a range of features and benefits that cater to the needs of anglers seeking versatile, portable and affordable watercraft. From enhanced manoeuvrability and stealthy approach to comfortable seating and exceptional casting capabilities, these inflatable devices provide a unique fishing experience that allows anglers to explore secluded fishing spots and create lasting memories amidst nature's beauty.