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Daiwa Sensor Monofil

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Description / Daiwa Sensor Monofil

The Daiwa Sensor line Monofil is the UK’s number 1 monofilament for good reason, with incredible knot strength, a thin diameter and a range of breaking strains to cover every style of fishing from float fishing for small silver fish up to deep sea fishing for saltwater giants, it is easy to see why almost every angler has a spool of sensor in their collection.

This monofilament line can be used for almost any fresh or saltwater fishing applications thanks to its dark colour that has reduced visibility in the water making fish much less likely to be spooked by your line. It also has a thinner diameter compared to its breaking strain than any other monofilament lines allowing you to use slightly heavier lines when fishing. This is perfect for all applications as it allows you to cast further thanks to the thinner diameter and fight bigger fish without worrying about your line snapping, it also reduces the chances of fish noticing your mainline and ignoring your baits.

These lines are great for both bait fishing and spinning applications, the light breaking strains between 4-8lb are great for targeting silverfish, perch and trout with baits or lures. The 10-30lb breaking strains are great for heavier spinning or bait fishing applications for species like salmon, pike or any saltwater species. It is also commonly used by UK carp anglers, responsible for landing multiple record UK carp. The heaviest breaking strains are great for any sea fishing or heavy duty bait fishing applications in freshwater.

Sensor is known for its exceptional reliability and abrasion resistance that make it the go to line for a huge range of fishing applications. This line has been rigorously tested against some of the harshest fishing conditions in both fresh and saltwater to ensure it can handle sharp rocks, branches and other underwater snags, without snapping your line and losing you tackle and potentially a fish of a lifetime. This makes Sensor ideal for fishing in new or unfamiliar waters as you can be sure your line won’t let you down if you get snagged.

Daiwa Sensor fishing line is provided in bulk sized spools making it perfect for spooling up multiple reels and spools. It is a must have in the tackle bag of any angler as it is easily stored just in case you need to re spool your reel on the go.

Here at Angling Active we like the versatility of Daiwa Sensor line, as the wide range of breaking strains enable us to use it when targeting a number of species.

The Daiwa Sensor Monofil is available in a range of breaking strains for you to choose from, comes in a dark brown colour and comes with a certain amount of line per spool. This information can be found in the size chart below.

Number 1 monofilament in the UK
Landed multiple British record carp
Great for both lures and bait fishing applications
Exceptional reliability and abrasion resistant performance on all types of ground
Durable, supple and superb knot strength
Reduced diameter compared to other monofilaments for the diameter
Provided on bulk spools

Size Chart

Breaking StrainDiameterSpool Capacity

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Customer Reviews

Star Rating
Daiwa Sensor Monofil
Review by Tom Cline
Very good line for the money
Star Rating
Daiwa Sensor Monofil
Review by Kevin j Murray
Great line with good knot strength
Star Rating
Staple product
Review by Philip
Always buy Daiwa products. Never lets me down.
Star Rating
Good value
Review by Derek
Good value mono with low diameter and good knot strength. Perfect for spinning and worming for salmon and occasional pike fishing.

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