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When fishing fast flowing rivers you need to get your fly down quickly and constantly to reach the fish. The RIO Tips are available in various lengths and densities allowing the angler to choose the perfect combination of head and tip for the varying water conditions so commonly faced when fishing stronger flowing rivers. When added to the front of the head, these tips complete the fly line and enable the angler to reach the correct height in the water column with ease and accuracy. RIO's Fly Line Tips are an essential part of the Fly Line System for the following lines: RIO Scandi Body, Scandi VersiTips, Switch Chucker, Skagit Max and Skagit iFlight.

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  • Rio Skagit MOW Tips - Salmon Fly Fishing
  • RIO 15ft Replacement InTouch Sink Tips (VersiTips) - Salmon Spey Fishing Tip
  • RIO 10ft Replacement Tips (VersiTips) - Salmon Spey Fishing Tip
  • Rio Skagit iMow Tips
  • Rio InTouch Level T
  • Rio Headcase - Shooting Head Wallet Bag Luggage Storage

    RIO Headcase

  • Rio InTouch Level T Welding Tubing - Sink Tip Tubes
  • Skagit MOW Tip Kits
  • Rio Skagit iMow Tip Kits
  • Rio Mesh Shooting Head Wallet
  • Rio Mesh Tip Wallet

Choosing the right Tip - Sinking or Floating.

First of all was your line made to cast these tips?
Suitable, current model Rio lines are: Scandi Body, Scandi VersiTips, Switch Chucker, Skagit Max (all lengths) and Skagit iFlight.
If your line isn't listed above please get in touch with us so we can recommend the best solution for you.

Head Size 10ft Tip 15ft Tip MOW / iMOW Level T
Less than 300 gr #4 #4 Light T-8
300 - 375 gr #5 #5 Light T-8
375 - 450 gr #6 #6 Light T-8
450 - 500 gr #7 #7 Medium T-11
500 - 550 gr #8 #8 Medium T-11
550 - 575 gr #9 #9 Medium T-11
575 - 650 gr N/A #10 Heavy T-14
650 - 700 gr N/A #11 Heavy T-14
700 - 750 gr N/A #11 X Heavy T-17

InTouch T Tips

The InTouch T Series are level, fast sinking lines that can be cut to the length and weight of an individuals preference. With no tapers these tips have the most punch at the front end, and are better for casting the biggest flies. The tips are available in T-8, T-11, T-14, T-17 and T-20 sizes. The number refers to the weight in grains per foot. For example the T-14 weighs 14 grains per foot. The bigger the fly, and the deeper you want to go, the heavier the tip you should choose provided your line will cast it. As a general guideline, the length of the tip you fish, should not exceed the length of the rod.

15ft Sink Tips (VersiTips)

These tips have a tapered front end that allows for a much better presentation than level tungsten (T) Tips. They are mostly available in five different densities; floating, intermediate, slow sinking (type 3), fast sinking (type 6) and extra fast sinking (type 8) and have welded loops in both ends for easy attachment. 15ft Tips are available in sizes from #7 to #11

10ft Sink Tips (VersiTips)

These shorter version of the 15 ft tip are ideal for shorter rods, tight casting situations, or smaller rivers. They are available in four different densities; floating, intermediate, slow sinking (Type 3) and fast sinking (Type 6), and have welded loops on both ends for easy attachment. 10 ft tips are available in numerous different sizes as well as densities, and go from a #5 to a #9 to best match the line weight they are being attached to.

MOW / iMOW Tips

These extraordinarily easy casting and great fishing tips are perfect for Skagit heads. The majority of tips are 10 ft long, which allows for a very efficient casting stroke. As a general guideline, the length of the tip you fish, should not exceed the length of the rod, making these tips ideal for Spey rods between 11 ft and 14 ft. MOW tips have a floating back section (if dual density), while iMOW tips have an intermediate back section. iMOW’s tend to fish slower and deeper than MOW tips, and are generally the best choice between the two.

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