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Kamasan are a manufacturer of Fly Tying Hooks used by fly tying professionals and hobbyists alike. They are best known for the Kamasan B100 hooks and Kamasan B175 hooks. The design of Kamasan hooks has remained virtually unchanged for many years and is one of the most trusted brands of fly tying hook on the market. Quality, consistency and reliability ensure many anglers will only accept Kamasan hooks when tying their flies.

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  • Kamasan B175 Sproat Hooks
  • Kamasan Black Cap Feeders - Coarse Fishing Accessories
  • Kamasan Animal X-Strong Hooks To Nylon - Coarse Fishing Spade Hooks
  • Kamasan B911 Heavy Hooks To Nylon - Coarse Fishing Hooks
  • Kamasan B980 Eyed Specimen Barbed Hook - Trout Maggot Bait Hooks
  • Kamasan B110 Grubber Hooks
  • Kamasan B160 Sproat Hooks
  • Kamasan B405 Round Bend Hooks - Fly Tying Hooks
  • Kamasan B170 Sproat Hooks
  • Kamasan K60 Worm Hooks - Fishing Baitholder Hook
  • Kamasan B270 Trout Double Hooks
  • Kamasan B100 Grub Hooks
  • Kamasan B100 Grub Hooks
  • Kamasan Premium Snap Tackle - Wire Traces Hooks
  • Kamasan B130 Traditional Wet Fly Hooks
  • Kamasan B200 Deepwater Nymph Hooks
  • Kamasan B830 Round Bend Nymph Hooks
  • Kamasan B420 Sedge Hooks

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