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Dinsmores are one of the few remaining British tackle manufacturers who have not fell for the manufacturing charms of the Far East. Based in Aldridge they specialise in soft split shot used for weighting lines down to aid sinking or create a custom sink pattern. Used most commonly in coarse and game fishing their product range is constantly evolving with new and more efficient methods of transferring and securing the shot to your line. They have also developed barrel shot and innovative dispensers to store and handle your weights.

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  • Dinsmores Soft Split Shot Pots
  • Dinsmores Sprial Banksticks - Metal Rod Rest Holder Pole
  • Dinsmores Ball Legers
  • Dinsmores Bankstick Selection - Rod Rest Holder Coarse Fishing Accessories
  • Dinsmores 4 Way Styx Dispenser
  • Dinsmores 5 Division Super Soft Shot Dispenser
  • Dinsmores Poly Top Rod Rest
  • Dinsmores 7 Division Super Soft Shot Dispenser
  • Dinsmores Arlesley Bombs (Swivel Bombs)
  • Dinsmores Cushion Shot 4 Division Dispenser
  • Dinsmores 4 Division Super Soft Shot Dispenser - Split Shot
  • Dinsmores 4 Way Twin Cut Shot Dispenser - Split Shot
  • Dinsmores Cushion Shot 6 Division Dispenser
  • Dinsmore Drop Shot Weights
  • Dinsmores Cork Plummet - Lead Weights

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