Airflo Fly Lines

Airflo have been one of the industry leading manufacturers of fly lines since 1982, constantly innovating new fly line technology is what sets them apart from most other fly line manufacturing brands. Creating stronger, slicker coatings and low stretch cores, Airflo lines enhance line shoot-ability and give the angler more feel and direct contact with their flies. They also pride themself in making the only 100% PVC free fly lines in the world. We stock a range of Airflo fly lines which come in various densities, casting weights and tapers so you can be sure there is a line for every occasion. Airflo fly lines are available in floating, sink tip lines, intermediates and sinking options.

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Airflo Fly Line Types


A dedicated "freshwater" fly line is a type of fishing line specifically designed for fly fishing in freshwater environments such as lakes, lochs, rivers or streams.


Specialist "saltwater" fly lines are specially designed for fly fishing in saltwater environments, featuring a stiffer, more durable construction and often heavier weights to handle larger fish and windy conditions.

As for tropical fly lines, they differ from regular saltwater fly lines primarily in their material composition and coating. Tropical lines are designed to perform in extremely warm conditions, typical of tropical environments. They have a stiffer construction to prevent them from becoming too limp and sticky in hot weather, which can affect casting performance and line management. Regular saltwater lines, while also durable and often stiffer than freshwater lines, may not maintain their stiffness and slickness in such high temperatures, making tropical lines a more specialized choice for anglers in very warm climates.


A good "stillwater" fly line is designed specifically for fly fishing in calm, non-flowing waters like lakes and ponds with dedicated performance that feature longer, smoother casts and specialised tapers to enhance presentation and depth control.

Two Handed (Spey Casting Lines)

A dedicated "two-handed" (Spey casting) fly line is specifically designed for use with two-handed fly rods, offering longer length heads and specialised spey cast tapers to facilitate the unique casting techniques and greater distances achieved in Spey casting on rivers.

Airflo Fly Line Technology

Non-Stretch Core

Airflo's non-stretch core technology, known as Super-Dri, is a significant advancement. Unlike traditional fly lines that have a certain degree of stretch, Airflo's non-stretch lines offer direct contact with the fly and increased sensitivity. This results in better hook setting, more efficient casting, and improved accuracy, as the angler can feel more of what's happening at the end of the line.

Polyurethane Coating

Airflo fly lines are unique in their use of polyurethane (PU) in the line coating, as opposed to the more common PVC. This PU coating is more durable, UV-resistant, and environmentally friendly. It also allows for a wider range of temperatures in which the line can perform effectively.

Micro-Loop Technology

Modern fly lines often feature micro-loop technology at both ends, providing smoother connections and transitions between the fly line and the leader or backing. This integrated loop technology is a huge time saver as fitting braided loops can be frustrating.

Ridge Technology

Airflo incorporates Ridge Technology in many of its lines, which reduces the line's surface area in contact with the rod guides. This minimizes friction, allowing for longer casts and reduced tangling.

Density Compensated

For their sinking lines, Airflo uses density compensation to ensure a more uniform sink rate, aiding in keeping the fly at the desired depth more consistently. Airflo also offer "sweep" sinking fly line technology allowing the angler to search through the water column more effectively.