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Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reel

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Description / Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reel

Introducing the Vision XLV Nymph fly reel – a game-changer designed for the modern river angler. This reel makes the perfect match for the Nymphmaniac series of rods.

The XLV Nymph boasts a generously sized arbour that allows you to quickly reel in loose line and play fish directly off the reel. The hidden counterbalance enhances balance and control during your fishing adventures.

Featuring a modified disc brake system that is tailored to protect light tippets. It offers exceptional smoothness in both operation and adjustment, ensuring you have the finesse needed for delicate presentations.

Worried about leaders jamming? The full-body rim on this reel is your solution. It prevents thin nymph lines and leaders from slipping into the wrong places, minimising frustrating jams and tangles.

An EVA handle provides a solid and comfortable grip, even in cold and wet conditions. Your control over the reel remains unwavering, no matter the elements.

The XLV NYMPH is offered in two sizes to cater to your specific needs:

#4/5: Designed to perfectly balance Nymphmaniac Fly Rods up to 10ft. Features an engraved Nymph decal.

#5/6: Tailored for Nymphmaniac Fly Rods over 10ft. Distinguished with an engraved Dry Fly decal.

The #4-5 features a full body rim for preventing line slips and jams. It includes a proper disc brake system, a large-arbour design, and an EVA handle for a secure grip in wet conditions. All moving parts are greased with SKF's water-resistant bearing grease. The reel is narrow with an ultra-large arbor for quick line retrieval, making it ideal for lighter tippets. Plus, it offers 360-degree adjustment for added versatility.

The #5-6 variant is engineered for modern nymph and dry fly fishing. Its super-narrow and super-large arbour design allows you to swiftly retrieve loose line, especially when battling larger fish.

Not only does the matte black finish minimise glare, but it also complements the aesthetics of Nymphmaniac fly fishing rods. The subtle green accents add a touch of style to your setup.

To ensure top-tier performance and durability, all moving parts are lubricated with SKF's water-resistant bearing grease.

The Vision XLV Nymph Fly Reel is available in various sizes for you to choose from in our drop down menu and comes in an aesthetically pleasing green and black colouration.

Key Features:
Designed for modern river anglers, ideal for Nymphmaniac series rods.
Generously sized arbour for quick line retrieval and control.
Modified disc brake system for light tippet protection and smooth operation.
Full-body rim prevents line and leader jams.
EVA handle for a secure grip in all conditions.
Available in two sizes (#4/5 and #5/6) to match different Nymphmaniac Fly Rods.
Engraved Nymph/Dry Fly decal (size-dependent).
Greased with SKF's water-resistant bearing grease for durability.
Matte black finish with green accents for aesthetics and glare reduction.
Super-narrow and super-large arbour design for quick line retrieval (#5/6 variant).
360-degree adjustment for added versatility.
Comes in various sizes and features a green and black colouration.

Size Chart

4/595mm120gWF4 + 40m/20lbNymph
5/6105mm131gWF5 + 50m/20lbNymph & Dry

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