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Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line

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Description / Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line

Introducing the Vision Pikemaniac Fly Line the perfect option for the predator fly fishing enthusiast.

Featuring a 12-meter head complemented by an extended 4-meter Handling Zone, this line empowers you to control your casts effortlessly and deliver the perfect presentation even with the largest of flies.

With the Pikemaniac's reverse compound taper and short front taper, you'll confidently tackle gusts and challenges head-on, ensuring your flies reach their mark every time.

The Pikemaniac's slick and supple coating ensures that even in cold temperatures, your line remains memory-free and responds with agility, allowing for fluid movement even in challenging conditions.

Featuring an ultra low-stretch core guarantees instant feedback, translating the subtlest touches into swift and powerful hook sets that leave no chance for escape.

With the inclusion of their neat welded loops it makes rigging these lines extremely quick and effortless. No guesswork required. Pikemaniac proudly displays line weight and density information right behind the front loop, providing instant clarity about your setup.

The Pikemaniac is phthalate-free, demonstrating a shared dedication to preserving our precious environment.

For those delving into deeper waters, Pikemaniac sinking lines employ the revolutionary Sliding Density concept. With gradual density increase from running line to tip, you'll experience controlled sinking without sagging, maintaining optimal fly contact across depths.

The Vision Pikemaniac Fly Lines are available in a range of densities and casting weights for you to choose from in our drop down menus.

Key Features:
12-meter head with 4-meter Handling Zone for controlled casts.
Reverse compound taper and short front taper for accurate presentations.
Slick and supple coating for memory-free performance in cold temperatures.
Ultra low-stretch core for instant feedback and powerful hook sets.
Neat welded loops for quick rigging and clarity of setup.
Phthalate-free, environmentally conscious design.
Sinking lines feature Sliding Density concept for controlled sinking.
Available in various densities and casting weights.

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