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Shimano Stella FK

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Description / Shimano Stella FK

The Stella FK are the latest in the legendary Stella lineup. Famed for being almost indestructible and able to tame anything that swims these reels incorporate Shimano's industry leading technologies making them perhaps the best fixed spool spinning reels available today - these reels won't let you down! With a range of sizes available from a 1000 for light lure fishing up to a 5000 for heavier spinning applications and hard fighting fish.

The Stella features superior gear durability through industry leading design and technologies. Using Shimano's upgraded “Infinity Xross” technologies which are the latest advancements in gear tooth design to improve the surface contact/meshing between the drive gear and pinion gear. This revolutionary design efficiently distributes the load placed on the gear tooth surface across a much wider area. This completely eliminates any damage from stress points significantly improving overall gear durability. These reels also feature Shiamno’s flagship Hagane Gearing system, giving you long lasting smoothness and pleasure when fishing that won’t fade over time. This is excellent for the longevity of your reel keeping it running incredibly smooth season after season, even after continued use.

Stella offers exceptional casting performance, delivered by dramatically reducing friction on the line as it leaves the spool. This is done thanks to Shimano’s Infinity loop technology where they have continued to make advancements in the internal structure and design which extend the spool’s oscillation to enable the spool to move up and down at an extremely slow speed. This will create a precise winding pattern with less overwrap that significantly reduces friction as the line leaves the spool during the cast. This allows for exceptional casting performance in all weather conditions no matter the lure you are using and makes every cast feel incredibly smooth. Infinity loop also creates a much smaller amount of resistance when compared to reels without it, this makes a great choice for finesse style fishing with small lures.

These reels come with all the cranking power you need to over power your catch. Featuring the Infinity Drive which is a more advanced version of the conventional X-Ship technology. The main shaft, which has previously been supported by the pinion gear, is now supported by a new and unique low-low friction bushing. This significantly decreases the frictional resistance on the reel allowing you to fight fish with ease. In addition to this the main shaft has undergone a proprietary surface treatment and special processing to reduce the rotational torque. This allows this reel to fight with ease under heavy load making taming those specimen fish a breeze.

The Stella offers Micromodule II gears which is a state of the art tooth surface design and are further enhanced using Shimano’s manufacturing technologies. The surface of the drive gear and pinion gear have been analysed and updated from the ground up to help improve their performance. This leads to a much smoother gear feeling and further reduces the sound of these reels. They also feature Silentdrive technology which takes every part of the reel into consideration, the drive gear, worm shaft, worm shaft pin and worm shaft gear. Every piece has been carefully designed to make sure there are no small gaps in the reel leading to superior performance and a higher tolerance when under pressure. The reduction in gaps also helps to improve the stability of this reel and leads to no noise being created by this reel.

Offering enhanced line management for more effective fishing the Stella features the improved anti twist fin technology. This flexible polymer fin is installed near the line roller, This allows the reel to maintain line tension to reduce snagging and prevents line from falling to the bottom of the spool or wrapping around the spool in an uneven manner. This is excellent at preventing unwanted tangles and is excellent at preventing any wind knots or backlashes whilst using a braided mainline.

This reel has been built to offer incredibly smooth and reliable drag performance with incredible durability. This phenomenal drag washer incorporates cutting edge materials which have been woven into a unique pattern compared to conventional drag washers. Without sacrificing that smooth drag feel the Duracross technology is up to 10x more durable. This is excellent for the longevity of these reels but is also a great benefit for saltwater anglers, thanks to the unique structure of Duracross these reels are much more reliable in saltwater conditions.

The Stella range of reels look to make fishing as easy as possible for all anglers, the updated propulsion line management system features an updated spool lip design. This has been updated from the previous model the 18 Stella as through hours of rigorous testing Shimano has updated the angle of the spool lip from 43 degrees to 25 degrees. This may not seem like a significant change but it has shown to give you that extra few feet of casting without compromising accuracy, which can be crucial in reaching fish hiding in cover whilst mitigating the chances of wind knots or backlashes.

The Shimano Stella FK is available in a range of sizes for you to choose from, comes in a stunning silver colour scheme and does not come with a spare spool.

KGN Gear
Micromodule II
KGN body
Anti twist fin
G-free body
Propulsion line management system
Long strike spool
Rigid support drag
S-ARB bearings
One-piece bail

Size Chart

Model Inches Per Crank Gear Ratio Monofilament Capacity lbs/yds Braid Line Capacity lbs/yds Max Drag (lbs) Ball Bearings Weight (oz)
STL1000FK 25 5.1:1 2/270, 4/160, 6/110 10/95, 15/75, 20/65 7 12+1 5.8
STL2500HGFK 34 5.8:1 8/140, 10/120 10/150, 15/145, 30/100 20 12+1 7.4
STLC3000XGFK 37 6.4:1 6/230, 8/170, 10/140 10/200, 20/140, 40/105 20 12+1 7.4
STL4000XGFK 40 6.2:1 10/200, 12/160 15/230, 30/180, 50/120 24 12+1 9.2
STLC5000XGFK 40 6.2:1 12/195, 14/165 20/260, 30/235, 40/185 24 12+1 9.2

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