Sea Fishing Feather / Lure Rigs

Sea fishing feather rigs are used to catch a wide range of sea fish when fishing from both shore and boat. Mackerel are one of the most popular species to catch on feathers but almost any species can be tempted with the right rig.
Feather rigs consist of multiple hooks coming off a main branch of line, the hooks are dressed with various feathers, tinsels, and other fish attractors. The angler imparts action to the rig by jigging the rod, fooling the fish into thinking the feathers are small fish or food items and enticing them to bite.
The most popular rigs normally comprise of 3 or 4 hooks. Hook sizes range from as small as size 16 up to size 6/0. Rigs consisting of flashy tinsel materials and feathers in size 6 to 1/0 are perfect for catching mackerel. Feathers have plenty of attraction on their own but small pieces of bait can be added to each hook to increase attraction.

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